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Welcome! This space is for folks preparing for the ASCP – MLS/MT/CLS exams.

Thank you to the foreign visitors to my page (108 international locations and counting). I took the ASCP exam but the ASCPi is the international equivalent of the same exam. The competencies tested are the same.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated. Your email will not be displayed.

        MORE UPDATES!____

Hemoglobin electrophoresis for the ASCP exam. The last 12 slides are 6 questions (to test your knowledge) and 6 answers (to cement your understanding) for the exam. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A chart of common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank. You are now fully covered for absolutely any ABO discrepancy questions thrown your way by ASCP!

How to Solve an Antibody Panel now posted under Blood Bank

Gram Negative Diplococci chart updated

Obligate Anaerobes chart updated

Random Cartoon Questions
micropic whatami

1,396 Responses to Personal Website of Sohail Ahmed

  1. Stephanie Revilla says:

    Hi : ) I am getting pretty desperate in passing the ASCP CLS Exam. I am left with not enough time to study before I take the exam.
    I graduated 25 years ago.
    Can I please bribe someone on this site to provide me with a compilation of all the questions asked on the ASCP CLS Exam? : ) I will throw in a round trip airfare to any place of your choice the very same day that I pass the exam (this is if I PASS the exam : ) ) Please email me at
    Thank you so much !

  2. Krabbypatty says:

    I had a score of 393! So close! I cried again when I saw the email 😦

  3. dreigonzales says:

    Hi good day, It has been few months since I took my ASCPi exam. All I can say is thank you for all the help you have given me. From passing strategy books to read, recall questions up to the high yield notes. I was out of practice as Laboratory Technologist for eight years but through the help of this website, I passed the ASCPi on my first attempt. Thank you!!!!

  4. KC says:

    I recently passed my cASCP on the first try after being out of school for… many years! This website was so, so helpful! I used Burtis and Kaplan for my main references. I also used Success in Clinical Laboratory Science, and Clinical Laboratory Science Review and Polanski Cards. I used the study guide outline from ASCP and the references to refresh on concepts I haven’t thought about in years. Some say the references are to in depth and at times I got lost in the weeds. As I was going thru sections I used LabCE basically every day. As I became more familiar I used Success and Clinical Laboratory to constantly do review questions. Any fact I got incorrect on LabCE I copied and pasted into a study guide.
    I bought the BOC. It wasn’t as good…. just as Wordsology suggested! But toward the end I did flip thru it.
    So thanks Wordsology!

    And if anyone is interested I have for sale:
    Harr: Clinical Laboratory Science Review
    Ciulla: Success in CL
    ASCP: BOC Study Guide 5th edition
    Polansky cards – I have to find them thou.

    Good Luck!

  5. Sam says:

    What a bout all formulas. Should I know all of them by heart?
    manual cell count formula
    Nucleated RBC correction formula
    anion gap
    creatinin clearance
    friedwald formula

  6. Qing says:

    Hello, thanks for your advice on how to prepare for the ASCP exam. I took the exam and passed today. Your high yield micro notes saved me. Keep up with the good works and thanks a lot again. 🙂

  7. Terri James says:

    I took mine in Savannah, Georgia.

  8. wordsology says:

    Thank you for this excellent feedback. I am sorry to hear you didn’t pass. Please make sure to get feedback from ASCP on which topics you didn’t do so well on. This will help you pass next time.

  9. Maria says:

    I’ve been reading recalls and doing Labce questions. My question is, is ascp and ascpi have the same pool of questions?

  10. Mia says:

    Good day!
    Can you recommend review centers for ASCP?
    Thank you

  11. Kathy says:

    I took my exam yesterday and passed! Thank you so much for all the high yield notes, they were invaluable in helping me pass. The recall questions others posted were also extremely helpful.

  12. Maria Esperanza R. Sevilla says:

    Thank you so much for being so kind and generous enough to share your knowledge for us who are aspiring to be certified ASCPi. I hope and pray that God will bless me the way He has blessed the others who have took the exam. And I also pray that God will bless you more that you may continue to be a blessing to a lot more people. Keep up your good works! I salute you!!!! 👏👏👏

  13. Kenneth Kim A. Rocela says:

    Do you have Recall or reviewer for ASCPi?
    Thank you

  14. cmantis says:

    Took the exam yesterday and passed. I had 4 or 5 mycology questions which i wanst ready for. zero parasite questions was nice tho! get a labce subscription and go through as many questions as you can. i probably went through 2k or more questions.

  15. Wittyboy says:

    I want to know which one is a better package for the ASCP exam between these two;
    1). Exam Simulator for MLS, MT, and MLT Exams
    Prepare for your ASCP, AMT, other certification exam
    Over 3,000 questions with images and feedback
    Take mock exams or focus on specific subject areas for targeted review
    The most popular exam prep tool, with over 15,000 subscribers
    Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected computer,
    smartphone, or tablet.

    2). MLS & MLT Comprehensive CE Package
    Continuing education credits for medical laboratory professionals (MLS, MT, MLT)
    Renew your ASCP, AMT, or state certification with P.A.C.E.®-approved CE.
    Get access to all 102 online courses for a full year.
    Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.
    Start at work, finish at home

    • wordsology says:

      #1 is for folks who need to study for the exam and pass it
      #2 is for folks who have passed the exam/are licensed and need to maintain the license

    • Sue S says:

      I did both and passed my CLS exam last November. In my opinion, based on the questions on my exam, the PACE continuing ed package is more manageable than the stimulator, the courses simple and to the point. And Sohail’s website had many recalls and his high yield notes which definitely helped me over the passing line. Know your stuff but don’t overstudy and review Sohail’s high yield notes

  16. Azuka says:

    Hello I am kinda knew here notwithstanding I find this site so Interesting like I might become addicted to it…. I am about to write the ASCPi but I am not sure what the pass mark is… Thanks

  17. Sarah Steinberg says:

    I passed my exam the first time and I just wanted to say thank you for making this site!!!!!

  18. liwa says:

    hi sohail! would you recommend the random questions in labce? thanks

  19. Hi! I am planning to take my ASCP M test (for microbiology only), other than the suggested material, are there other micro materials I should use? Any additional information regarding taking this certificate will be greatly appreciated!

  20. chitra says:

    Hello everyone,I am planning to do Specialist in Chemistry.Please let me know if any one knows the preparation about these.I would appreciate your help.The flash cards of ASCP or Lab CE which one is best so i will purchase that.

  21. Anthony says:

    Wonderful site, very helpful and informative. There is a problem I noticed though. On your enterobacteriaceae chart you have Yersinia listed as being motile, which I believe is false. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
    On a separate note, I will be taking my MT (AAB) certification exam tomorrow, so I will try to get back and let everyone know how much these study guides helped on that particular exam.

    • wordsology says:

      Thanks Anthony and good luck tomorrow. With respect to your comment on Yersinia, Y. enterolitica is indeed NONMOTILE which is what the chart demonstrates as well…

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks for the response and for all your work putting this site together. I found it a little late in my studies, but it still helped me to solidify some information. Oh yeah, and I passed my MT(AAB) exam!

  22. Roela Gee Villatuya says:

    Hi. I just passed ASCPi last June 2017 and I’ve read some of your recalls and it helped in my examination some of the recalls here are also on my exams so as giving back here are my recalls. Thankyou so much!!

    June 2017 ASCPi RECALLS
    Sezary Syndome – T-cell lymphoma
    Affected in Coumadin Therapy – II, VII, IX,X
    ABO Discrepancies
    Donor’s Requirement
    RBC panels
    5 HIAA- Carcinoid Tumor
    A man with elevated BHCG & AFP but normal PSA & CEA – Testis
    LDL computation
    Anion Gap computation
    RBC maturation picture
    Proglottid of T. Saginata
    Biochem result of P.vulgaris
    Hepa A sequence of ag, IgM & IgG
    Rh Neg mother pre natal & post natal results
    Cold agglutinins
    Results of decreasing bilirubin- due to phototherapy
    Results of cbc hgb/hgb on the 3rd day increased by 2.0g- due to prolong tourniquet application
    Levey jennings chart- what error
    Measure precision- SD
    Px with lyme disease- False positive with Syphilis

  23. tazeen5 says:

    Thanks for reply Sohail. I didn’t pass😔 but I am not that disappointed because eventhough I gave only 1 and a have month to study and coudn’t even get around to look into the exam recalls I got 396 points! I have applied for retaking and now waiting for the admission letter. For me this exam is quite difficult because as I’ve mentioned I am from Denmark and have studied in Danish language my english is terrible as well 🙉🙈🙊Now we are planning to move Florida but it’s not easy as I thought! 😨hope I can pass the International MLS this time 🙏 because have studied all exam recalls. When I am done with this exam will start study for TOFEL test, which is also one of the requirements for Medical Technologist for the Visa Screening through CGFNS. Haaaah I am so stressed 😓😓

  24. Paul says:

    Thank you for this website. I hope it can help me.

  25. Claudine says:

    Hi Sir! Do you have a compiled notes/ softcopy of your “High Yeild Notes” and “Recalls”?

    • wordsology says:

      No. I am working on something but that project is a long one. Everything is available on the internet though! I am always improving the charts and adding more recalls so it’s best to refer to this website itself. Good luck.

  26. mewipinas says:

    A million thanks to Sohail for making this site! Your high yield notes is a must in studying ASCP and for your recommendation of studying materials, testing skills, the compilation of recall questions it really helped me to attain my success… I Passed the exam yesterday. Thank you again!
    To all previous test takers also thank you for sharing your recall questions and your answers. I scan all your recalls a month before my exam rewrite and reread. God bless you Sohail!

  27. Amazinglar says:

    Hi, Sohleil I just passed my exam yesterday! Thank you for making our life easier. I owe you one- a big one to be honest. Srsly, I dont have enough time to study. Thank you and I will always pray for you.

    Ive encountered lots of Mycology questions (almost 50%). There are pictures that up until now, I dont know what they are. Tricky BB and Chemistry questions. Ive never thought I could make it. Thanks to you as well as to our mighty God.
    Study ANA Pattern
    Study specificity and sensitivity
    I’ve encountered lots of Mycology questions.
    Red Cell Panel study further
    Blood transportation
    total bilirubin computation
    Hematology computation and blood picture
    Mycology pictures

    I highly recommend this site. God bless us all. -L,MLS (Ascpi) PH 💯🇵🇭

  28. Azuka says:

    Hello guys… I will be writing on Monday the 3rd of July 2017 I have made humble preparations but there’s always more to read. I believe God will see me through this exams.. I also wish to thank you all guys.. You’re more than instrumental also Sohali… If there’s any last hour advice, it will be more than welcomed… Wish me luck guys…

  29. Andrea says:

    Does anyone have the book A bottom Line Approach by Patsy Jarreau that I could buy?

  30. Roxanne says:

    If anyone is planning on taking the M(ASCP) Exam (the micro only one), I would highly suggest that you completely memorize all the high yield Micro notes and the Polansky cards. I also used the Harr book, and i believe that LabCe is a must. I just passed the exam today and it was EXTREMELY difficult despite me feeling very well prepared before I took the test. Trust me, you’re going to need every single point you can get lol. I’m anxiously awaiting my exam score ^_^

    Thank you so much for this site Sohail!

  31. Tazeen says:

    Hello everyone I passed today!!! it was my second time. First time I got 396 and I was so dissapointed but I didn’t give up. Even though I have a full time job and family to take care of I passed the exam 🙂 and this only because I did’nt give up and special thanks to this website and its creator without this website I couldn’t pass it. I don’t live in the US I am from Denmark it was hard for me but I did it!! SO YOU ALL CAN ALSO DO IT!! I used Planske card, recalls, Sohail’s high yield notes, Harr for som explanation and did about 1500 Labce questions and scored 55% in computer adoptive. I got about 40% questions from recalls. I put some recalls soon THANKS AGAIN Sohail and to all the members of this website for posting recalls and postive comments :)))))

  32. Samy says:

    Thanks Tanzeem !!
    It’s great help!!
    I just passedMLS !! Thanks Wordsology !!
    It’s help me a lot!!

  33. tazeen5 says:


  34. FK says:

    Could anyone please suggest which book should I read to take C-ASCP (Chemistry) Technologist exam?

  35. AZUKA says:

    congrats Sam, Cathy, Tazeen and Mona… I was supposed to write on Monday and hopefully, i would have joined you guys but some stuff came up and I have to be rescheduled… I feel so elated knowing you guys made it and I wish you all the best in further life pursuits…if you are done with your polanski cards i would so much love to benefit from it…

    • AZUKA says:

      wow, Samy that will be more than awesome. I am so tensed and scared of this exam that it haunts me even in my dreams… I can’t wait to join you all in the hall of fame.

  36. nadianut says:

    First off, Sohail, *Thank You!* for all the work you put into this. It saved my butt. I am so grateful for this website and its invaluable resources. I passed the ASCP about 3 weeks ago after completing my degree in late December. For whatever reason, I had a lot of bilirubin questions. I know I wasn’t getting that many wrong, so who knows why I kept getting those questions.

    I would say that my study strategy had to be different. I had to go back to my original class notes and textbooks because my brain is a pain. I’m sure that part of it is that I have been an older student, but I had to go back to the original source that I learned from. It was far more time and labor intensive, which I was not happy about, but I had to work with the brain I’ve got. That’s not to say Polansky wasn’t an invaluable resource, because it was, especially since I had a useless Clinical Chemistry professor. I also found the review book Clinical Laboratory Science Review by Patsy Jarreau helpful. MediaLab is a must, I agree, although their Microbiology questions aren’t helpful.

    I created a couple of mind maps on anemias on GoConqr. I’ll share the links below. They are correct to the best of my knowledge.—-or-Ineffective-RBC-production-mind_maps—RBC-destruction-or-loss-mind_maps

  37. Andrea says:

    Sammy have you sent those e-mails out yet? I haven’t seen anything yet and I was going to check my junk mail next.

  38. Sal says:

    I passed the Ascp exam yesterday. I just want to say thank you so much for this site. The questions that I got, 75% of them were from here. God is good, pray before and after the exam! Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Best of luck for future examiners.

    Which antigen deteriotes?
    P antigen
    Lots of pics with fungi
    Math questions
    Corrected RBC count
    Labeled and unlabeled antigen was the correct answer for one of the questions
    3 bb panels
    Graph about platelet response to collagen, Adp and epinephrine
    Glucose impairment

  39. fekadu says:

    Hi.i will take MLT exam August 1,please do you have short exam note related to MLt exam
    Thank you.

  40. Jane Boal says:

    Hi! I’m jane graduated BSMT 1999 don’t have hospital experience and not a local board passed from my country. Now, I’m working as a medical technologist here in USA since I migrated here. A part of my contract is to pass any certification. I look up the requirements for bought AMT and ASCP from my understanding I’m only eligible to take AMT provided I’ll have a one year hospital experience. I’ve discussed it to my lab supervisor and they understand my situation. I’m on a great stress and pressure. Almost 3 decades from the time I graduated. Im having a hard time working and studying but almost all the materials is now with me Polansky,BOC,Harr, bottom line . I’ll subscribe too LABCE and I heard wordsology is very good too. Now, Im still kinda confuse of which test I’m eligible to take ASCP or AMT. Hope you can help me figure out. Thank you so much!

    • Shelles says:

      Hi Jane. I graduated around the same time you did. The only difference we have is that you’re working on the field where im supposed to be at too. I have not tried another chance to take the test. But you’re lucky to be working in our own playground where you can apply everything that you learned from college. My knowledge about the technology, new test are all old school. Good luck in taking the test. This website is like a pot of gold.

  41. Cherice says:

    You can do the ASCP international exam

  42. Alexandra Andujar says:

    I’m really frustrated with this test. I don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology but in Microbiology. I’m an MLT from the military, and was never required to be certified until I started working for the VA. So I was required to take my MLT Certification first which I passed the second time. After that I was able to take the MLS Certification, which I have tried for the 3rd time now with no luck. The second time I missed for 26 points but the first and third time where worst, and I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel really frustrated, I think I have not prepared myself, but I also feel like I will never pass. I have 2 more tries, and will like some help, like time frame to study, study guides, any information that will help me pass. I even get anxiety attack when I’m about to start the test. Please help!

  43. Mar says:

    Hi. I would like to ask if it is possible to take 2 exams. for example taking one for MLS and one for HTL. or do i have to choose just one? Thank you

  44. Amanda says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I passed!! Your high yield notes are really what helped me the most. 🙂

  45. Tanya says:

    hi, I am going to take MLT exam next months. I looked on exams recalls from student and most of them from MLS exam. Do you know if MLT questions is going to be completely different then for MLS? A lots of questions is repeated, but it is for MLS… Thank you)

    • Andrea says:

      No they are the same. I have taken both. I wish we didn’t have to retake boards if we have already taken the MLT boards. My classes for MLS were exactly the same except I had to take statistics and a lab management and A&P class.

  46. Frank12 says:

    Hello everyone!! First I want to say thank you to the administrator of the site and everyone who collaborates for all the great advice and information. I just finished/graduated from a 1 year NACLs accredited program for the MLS/ASCP certification. I finished on 03AUG17 and I am taking the MLS exam next week on the 23rd of August. The one year program was pretty intense and it felt we were getting fed through a fire hose but it covered pretty much everything. I’ve been studying from Polanski, Harr book, Bottom Line Approach book and LabCE. Additionally I printed off all the high yield notes from this site. I’ve been consistently scoring over 70 on the selected area testing for LABCE on the heavy hitter sections for the MLS exam. I’ve also been scoring over 70 on the MLS comprehensive review mode, but in the MLS Computer Adaptive Testing just been averaging 65 or 67. Is this a good standing if I’m one week away from the test? I also bought the ASCP practice exams for $35 but felt discouraged after one of those test because I scored below 60 on Chemistry and Micro single tests.

    Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks again to Sohail and everyone else in this site 🙂

    • wordsology says:

      Sounds like you’re doing great and on track to pass your exam! I think those scores sound right. Folks, feel free to chime in.

      • fcarrasquillo84 says:

        Thank you for the feedback!! I really want to just get the test over with and take the weight off my shouulders lol. Been hitting the books consistently for past few weeks so hopefully all of it pays off next week. Thanks again for this site and all the information you and the rest of the group provide. I’ll let you all know how it goes next week and I’ll post some recalls if I remember a few. 👍😁

    • AZUKA says:

      I took my ASCPi exams on the 07/13/2017 for the first time and made it. You must have internalised the all the high yield notes here. The blood bank is more than simplified here please take advantage of it. All the best in your exams. Please don’t ever panic as I was stunned when I saw “preliminary pass” when my result came out I found out that I had 788 I thought I was going to fail during the exams not knowing that I passed that well. Don’t dwell on any question that long and please try to get the question right the first time as that will boost your level of difficulty which is needed more for a success but don’t dwell that long.
      All the best and see you on the brighter side

      • AZUKA says:

        you’re welcomed. if you are making all those scores you listed and you have the exam recalls sorted then I think your chances of passing the ASCP is very high. Although there’s little or nothing more that can be said to make you more certain except you write the exams itself. ABO discrepancy and solutions is a 90% certainty from what I have gathered in the exam recalls. Once again best wishes.

      • Max says:

        Hello I took the exam today wish I new about this site early. I failed but I will pass next time using this site. Blessings to sohail.

      • wordsology says:

        Excellent positive attitude. It’s really CERTAIN that you will pass. Study actively, take a look at what your colleagues have posted and take the exam again soon.

  47. fcarrasquillo84 says:

    Sohail are the practice questions you posted here recalls from when you took the MLS test? Was just wondering if those are the type of questions I will encounter on Wednesday. Thanks again!

  48. Frank12 says:

    So I took the MLS test today and passed!!! Want to day thank you to Sohail and everyone that contributes in this website. The high yield notes are a must and extremely helpful. Thanks again Sohail and everyone!!!

  49. liwa says:

    hello sohail! I pass my MLS ASCPi last aug 16! I waited for my email confirmation first before posting here to be sure since there is a so called palm vein error during the day of my exam which is originally aug 15. We even call Pearsonvue support system UK, which is 4 hours delayed from our local time here in Gulf. I almost waited whole day in the exam center just to fix this matter just to reschedule my exam on the same day. Aside from that, I have to commute 2 hrs to reach the exam center and knowing the lifestyle here in Gulf, engaging taxi which will cost you $100 just to reach your destination. That day Pearsonvue did not agree and advise me to call again the following day to ensure my slot for the exam. The following day I went again to the exam center to calle Pearsonvue. Around 1 pm, Pearsonvue confirmed my slot and they gave me 1:30 pm slot. I was really nervous that time ‘coz like all a sudden after all the pressure, I only have 30 mins before my exam. Since my exam center was very helpful and kind, they gave me 15 mins consideration to eat my lunch, say my prayers, compose myself, and be back at 1:15 pm to start the pre-test protocols. During that remaining 15 mins rush, I just prayed to God and lift all to HIM! I was very happy when I saw the word PASS at the end of my exam. I jumped with joy after I saw my result! Yesterday I got the email from ASCP and I was very amazed how my exam turned out! My score is 742!! So for those who are worried, I tell you, make your very best during review time. Be strict with your agenda to finish whatever reviewers you have. Lessen you sleeping hours! haha! Initially I don’t know how to manage my time for review. I’m currently working here in Gulf, doing tight duties and living alone so its very difficult to find time for review. But I pushed myself to reach my goal! So for those who will take the exam, be strict with your time and pray! Pray and pray and pray! Thank you very much Sohail and to others who are posting their recalls here! This website really helped me a lot! And also thanks for the inspirational message from previous takers! You made me believe that I will pass! May the Lord shower more blessings to Sohail for creating this site! I will be posting my recalls soon. I’m still in this cloud nine feeling so can’t think to formulate the questions properly, haha! Thanks once again and all the best for all takers!
    AIM HIGH! SOAR HIGH! -LIWA, RMT, MLS (ASCPi) now signing off!

    PS: My exam was cancelled twice! july 22- network problem and aug 15- palm vein problem

    • Alemayehu says:

      Hi Liwa, congra. can you tell me in ASCPi) CM ( what CM mean?? please, thank you.

      • wordsology says:

        “…individuals are encouraged to participate in the Certification Maintenance Program voluntarily. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a new certificate and an additional designation “CM” in superscript as part of their certification designation. For example, a cytotechnologist who successfully finishes the program can use the designation CT(ASCP)CM after his or her name. The program was implemented to demonstrate the Board of Registry’s commitment to improving the certification process and ensuring the continued competence of medical laboratory personnel. It is designed to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies…”

  50. Bency Georges says:

    I want to say thank you for your guidance!!! I I I I passed my boards three yrs ago. I never thank you!!! I am spreading the word this site is awesome.

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