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Welcome! This space is for folks preparing for the ASCP – MLS/MT/CLS exams.

Thank you to the foreign visitors to my page (108 international locations and counting). I took the ASCP exam but the ASCPi is the international equivalent of the same exam. The competencies tested are the same.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated. Your email will not be displayed.

        MORE UPDATES!____

Updated: gram neg bacilli – Enterobacteriaceae!

An updated chart concerning Haemophilus species

Identifying Haemophilus and the phenomenon of satelliting

Hemoglobin electrophoresis for the ASCP exam. The last 12 slides are 6 questions (to test your knowledge) and 6 answers (to cement your understanding) for the exam. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A chart of common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank. You are now fully covered for absolutely any ABO discrepancy questions thrown your way by ASCP!

Gram Positive Cocci chart

Gram Positive Bacilli chart

Spirochete chart

A collection of Real Test Questions/Recalls under Exam Recalls

How to Solve an Antibody Panel now posted under Blood Bank


Random Cartoon Questions
micropic whatami

1,278 Responses to Personal Website of Sohail Ahmed

  1. liwa says:

    hello sohail! I pass my MLS ASCPi last aug 16! I waited for my email confirmation first before posting here to be sure since there is a so called palm vein error during the day of my exam which is originally aug 15. We even call Pearsonvue support system UK, which is 4 hours delayed from our local time here in Gulf. I almost waited whole day in the exam center just to fix this matter just to reschedule my exam on the same day. Aside from that, I have to commute 2 hrs to reach the exam center and knowing the lifestyle here in Gulf, engaging taxi which will cost you $100 just to reach your destination. That day Pearsonvue did not agree and advise me to call again the following day to ensure my slot for the exam. The following day I went again to the exam center to calle Pearsonvue. Around 1 pm, Pearsonvue confirmed my slot and they gave me 1:30 pm slot. I was really nervous that time ‘coz like all a sudden after all the pressure, I only have 30 mins before my exam. Since my exam center was very helpful and kind, they gave me 15 mins consideration to eat my lunch, say my prayers, compose myself, and be back at 1:15 pm to start the pre-test protocols. During that remaining 15 mins rush, I just prayed to God and lift all to HIM! I was very happy when I saw the word PASS at the end of my exam. I jumped with joy after I saw my result! Yesterday I got the email from ASCP and I was very amazed how my exam turned out! My score is 742!! So for those who are worried, I tell you, make your very best during review time. Be strict with your agenda to finish whatever reviewers you have. Lessen you sleeping hours! haha! Initially I don’t know how to manage my time for review. I’m currently working here in Gulf, doing tight duties and living alone so its very difficult to find time for review. But I pushed myself to reach my goal! So for those who will take the exam, be strict with your time and pray! Pray and pray and pray! Thank you very much Sohail and to others who are posting their recalls here! This website really helped me a lot! And also thanks for the inspirational message from previous takers! You made me believe that I will pass! May the Lord shower more blessings to Sohail for creating this site! I will be posting my recalls soon. I’m still in this cloud nine feeling so can’t think to formulate the questions properly, haha! Thanks once again and all the best for all takers!
    AIM HIGH! SOAR HIGH! -LIWA, RMT, MLS (ASCPi) now signing off!

    PS: My exam was cancelled twice! july 22- network problem and aug 15- palm vein problem

  2. Bency Georges says:

    I want to say thank you for your guidance!!! I I I I passed my boards three yrs ago. I never thank you!!! I am spreading the word this site is awesome.

  3. Maui Torres-Bravo says:

    Just took the ascpi exam last friday (Aug 25) and passed. I thank God for guiding me and giving me strength and wisdom. I am so thankful for this site ( wordosology) for providing high yield notes. This help me remember and understand bb, coagulation, and micro.

    Godbless and more power…


  4. Lorie Fermin-Agtang says:

    I am very thankful to you, all the strategies you shared from this website helped me a lot. I took my ASCPi last September 2 and passed the exam. I was very nervous before I took the exam. Since 2010, I am not practicing the profession due to I need to fulfill my role as a mother and just moved here in USA couple of years. Thank you, thank you so much and above all thank you so much to God for guiding me and answering my prayers.

    God bless you each day.

  5. Leslie says:

    hey.. I took the MLS test in march.. failed it by less than 20 points.. I was tore up..My test was over 35 or better percent Parasitology..and I did not think I needed to study that much for that subject!
    I concentrated on the core subjects.. but I was floored when I saw my questions,, and this was early on In the test..
    I am dreading retaking it now.. I do have the Polaskiny cards.. and just discovered this website..
    Im in NC.. and I have to pass to keep my raise, I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Cell Biology, I have been an MLT since 2007.
    I am going to start studying your charts.. etc…any other suggestions?

  6. Andrea says:

    Has anyone used the practice exams from ASCP? If so do you think they were helpful?

    • Chance Maxine says:

      I have used them but don’t think it’s enough practice. Know everything from this site, ASCP boc book and do as many case studies as possible.

      • Andrea says:

        Thanks! I will be taking my exam for the 3rd time in December. I have read bottom line approach, memorized all the charts from this website, I do 50-100 practice questions from Labce, I have printed off all the recall exam questions from this site and will start reading ASCP Boc book on Monday. If I don’t pass this time I don’t know what else I can do!

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