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UPDATE: In response to great interest, I’ve compiled a collection of REAL TEST QUESTIONS/RECALLS contributed by your peers. They are located under the EXAM RECALL heading on the menu bar

***How to Solve an Antibody Panel now posted***

Welcome! I’ve created this space in order to help folks preparing for the ASCP – MLS/MT/CLS exams. 

To the foreign visitors to my page (108 international locations and counting), thanks for visiting! I took the ASCP exam but the ASCPi is just the international equivalent of the same exam. The competencies tested are the same. 

To all my visitors (400,000 plus hits), i’m humbled. I had no idea so many folks would be referred to my site by word of mouth. I’m embarassed by how inadequate my notes are and I’m making a commitment to transition what i’ve done so far into a more professional format…really!  

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated. Your email will not be displayed.

CeJE6rkW4AAEDeTWe all walk through life unaware of where the cracks in our individual lives are hidden. Let us take a moment to breathe and to remember the beauty of this life and the lives of the victims of violence.

762 Responses to Personal Website of Sohail Ahmed

  1. Jord says:

    CHEM…analyes elevated…which disease?(ALP-Paget`s bone,bilrubin-obstruction or liver disease,primaryhypothyroidism,skeletal muscle injury etc.)
    HDL quantitation,TIBC
    HEMATO…smear with cells(H-J bodies,Heinz),which anemia from results?corrected wbc count,mixing studies,RBCindices.thalassemia hbs
    Bld.Bank……3,4 abdy panels,storage and life time for cryoppt n ffp
    MICRO…reaction given,find organism…(kleb.oxytocca,strep gp A,E.rhusipathiae,Chry.meningosepticum)
    OTHERS…nephrotic syndrome(fatty cast)aminoaciduria(cysteine)ANAflourscent pattern,CV calculation,PCR components,procainaide assay….
    Hope it helps somebody…..THANK YOU ALL….Special thank you to WORDSOLOGY.

  2. Jord says:

    CONGRATS Charles n Gab…..

  3. Melody says:

    I passed my exam today❤ I would like to thank this website and its owner because (although I didn't do exactly as advised) I passed! I'm a fresh graduate but I took my time reviewing. I wasn't in a rush to pass — so from october to december I reviewed. I took up LABCE, read Ciulla and Harr (mostly Harr and LABCE was helpful). LABCE gauged whether or not I would do well on the adaptive exam. I scored 60-64% on the adaptive and per subject around 90%–so GO GET IT I'M TELLIN YA!😄

    I also briefly reviewed Polansky. I only read through each subject twice before going meh and doing more LABCE exams lol. I also got about 40% recalls so if anyone would like the recalls I have, just lmk!😀

    While the exam isn't terribly easy, I would like to say practical knowledge is also applicable here. If you work in a laboratory esp in BB (lucky me, right?) all the panels given to you should be a piece of cake ^_^! The exam is completely doable! SO YOU CAN DO DIS!

    Thanks so much ;~; I don't know how to thank you. But from the bottom of my hypothalamus and the eyebags I got from tossing and turning during sleepless night–THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU❤❤

  4. Leia says:

    I failed my first test and have been studying for it again. I am not doing so well. I cannot remember Microbiology to save my life. Chemistry isn’t much better. I have the LSU book and the Polansky cards. And I work on LabCe quite frequently. When I take the test with feedback, I make in the upper 60’s. When I take the timed test, it is always 50-52 whether I look up answers or just take a guess. Getting frustrated. I have to pass before July!

    • Stephanie says:

      I’m in the same situation and have used the same study guides as well. I recently purchased the Success book, so I’m hoping that will help. Hang in there!!!

  5. viola says:

    hello every one i failed my exam maybe 6 month ago though i prepared for it , and it was all about micro which i hate , now my exam at the end of march and am totally lost am studying from success but i dont feel like am really doing somthing , i took a blind test without studying and i scored 45 is it good or bad .. just need someone to tell me wat to do

  6. Yohannes says:

    I finally passed ASCP and thank You so much for Your helpful notes, comments, Actual Questions and Answers, inspirational quotes and suggestion.
    I can proudly say that no one but me benefited from this website and i was almost sure that I passed after i finished 60 questions.
    For those who are preparing to take this exam, please make sure you look at the questions at the back of each chapter of the “Bottom line Approach” . I have got about 20 questions from and many questions from “Actual Question” of this Website
    Good Luck Friends

  7. RD says:

    Congrats Yohannes. What edition of bottomline approach did u use?

  8. Saif says:

    Hello there ,
    I’ve been scheduled for ASCP next month and I’ve abot 50 days to get ready for it. So I need your help to figure out(passing plan),I WANT to know what references am going with, an which topics I should concerns regard each supject.

  9. nil says:

    Thank you!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I hate to but this out there but I have taken the CLS exam FIVE times and failed each time. (so embarrassing!!) Unfortunately I can’t take the exam again under the route and now my only choice is to take the MLT exam. Has this happened to anyone? If so, what did you do? Also, if you have taken the MLT how does it compare to the CLS exam. Please, someone give me some insight, I’m freaking out because I need this to get a job…UGH!!

    • Jennifer says:

      I have failed 4 times already and scared to take it one more time. What’s the difference for the CLS and MLT? I believe i took the MLT but if i fail again I dont know what other route i’ll be able to take.

      • Stephanie says:

        I went through a CLS program and not an MLT one so that’s why I was taking the CLS exam. But now that I have failed it 5 times and can’t take it under any other route for the CLS exam, I can take the MLT under route 4 I believe. What’s the passing score for the MLT? Is it 100 questions like the CLS one? How long ago did you graduate from the program you where in?

      • Jennifer says:

        I graduated in Jan 2014. I have one more shot to pass the exam under the same route. I believe my program was MLT and it does ahve 100 questions in 2 and half hours long as well. Do you know any info if someone doesn’t pass the MLT what other route can be taken?

      • Stephanie says:

        The only thing I suggest if you have to take it under a different route is go to the ASAP website and read all the routes that are under MLT and see which one you would qualify under.

      • jennifer says:

        I am on route 3 for this time, I am so scare if I wont pass again , what should I study , can you please give me some advices how to study to pass

      • Stephanie says:

        The study materials that I have used is LabCe, review book from Harr, Success from Cuellia and the polanksy cards.

  11. mamtu says:

    If fist attempt failed, how long after eligible to take next one please?

    • kristy says:

      3 months from the day they approved your application

      • KriKri says:

        actually its only another month, as soon as you apply again, they will approve your application within the week and you can schedule after that.

  12. PJ says:

    I am preparing to take MLT board exam as I near graduation May 2016! I am looking forward to taking the exam with all of the contributing study tips. Any extra advice would be excellent and greatly appreciated. I tend to do better with computerized tests rather than the good old fashioned pencil, paper method so im praying this works in my favor. Plus with God by my side, anything is possible:)

  13. pantot maniscan says:

    Guys don”t get frustated, apply at AMT & AAB. check online. GoodLuck!!!

  14. waleedahmed001 says:

    anyone willing to lend me labce account , i am going to take the exam but after long time reading notes it looks like i am going nowhere unless i practice real questions , i am in a country with no electronic money transfer or such , so e mail me at my account
    i would want to get it from the first try since i will be boarding a plane checking for a country to take the exam in

  15. mam says:

    Did any one passed exam recently please?

  16. jennifer says:

    the labce I bought 2 times it did not help me at all , the same questions just repeat over and over. I am sick with that,

  17. lamis says:

    Hi my exam in 3 days am freaking out..
    I have huge weaknesses with calculations and statistics such as quality control questions any tips or advice would be really appreciated

    one more thing it would be great if you made high yield subject such as ( calculation and pictures of slides….)

    once again thankyou very much your site help me alot mapping my way on study


  18. Krizia prestoza says:

    i passed the exam earlier this morning, thank God for this website! Kudos to the author and the users for the recall!

      • Zsa says:

        Review the recall questions in this website they are very useful. Some questions are like this:

        Px chem result, you’ll see he has metabolic acidosis, what test are you going to order next, do you test for salicylate or lead poisoning?

        Graph which shows the order of serologic markers for hepa a; which is the correct one

        Antibody panel answer is the one with anti fya

        Picture of tear drop cell, bilirubin crystals, burr cells.

        A lot of mycology questions, describe histoplasma, molds that needs olive oil, what is the hair something test use for to differentiate 2 fungi

      • wordsology says:

        Thanks very much Zsa

  19. SS says:

    Passed the MLS Exam. Thank you for this website! I wanted to let everyone know that it is good to know reference ranges. I noticed sometimes they give them to you and sometimes they don’t (HCO3, PCO2, BUN, Ca, etc). I got a ton of blood bank, hardly any micro, about 4 mycology (a recall question about zygomycete = sporangiospore). I also got calculations for Creatinine Clearance, Hemocytometer count (if they show you squares, make sure you take into account both sides of the hemocytometer). Bacillus anthras reactions were on there (non-motile, non hemolytic, catalase positive etc.) I got a picture with pappeinheimer bodies ( poor pictures). I also got a picture that looked like a slide with really prominent burr cells (abnormally sharp looking burr cells) and it asked what could have caused it, I am not sure of the answer but I picked that the slide was not dry. I also got what is TP+TP=FN I had to pick what is was (sensitivity). Another picture that looked like Heinz bodies and asked what stain to use (answer was Heinz body stain). There were a lot of small panels for blood bank. Know what the RBC inclusions are made of (DNA, RNA, Hgb). A question about what fungus you can test with hair ( I picked Microsporum audounii) There was a question about Micrococci (answer Resistant to fluconazol). Rapid latex test for Staphylococcus aureus and what it’s detecting. Something about Sodium dithionate and sickle cell (I chose severe anemia). I had to Identify a picture with Blastomyces Dermatiditis. Know when to do an elution, adsorption, descreptancies like when to test with Anti-A1. Know the difference between in Blood Bank reactions with PCH, Polyagglutinine. Know if HDN is caused by Anti-D or ABO group. Know K antigen frequency and if it will cause a reaction. Asked a question about HIV. Know the different types of electrophoresis, had some situational questions about Multiple Myeloma and whether to test with a different type before confirmation. I also wanted to let you guys know that this was my second attempt and I felt more prepared than the first time. I used Robert Harr and Clinical Lab Science Review Fifth edition plus all recall questions and charts.

  20. Paolo says:

    hi wordsology.. a friend referred me your site. It looked like a very good tool for coping the exam. I congratulate you for your efforts . More post please.

  21. King Bego says:

    i failed my ASCP exam and i saw these questions on it. i did not know the answers.
    a person overdoses on salicylate and goes to the ER. WHAT WOULD BE TESTED?
    a) pH
    B) Ammonia
    d) BUN

    A staph like organism is isolated from a wound culture in is resistant to all GPC antibiotics and to Vancomycin, using the automated bichemical method.
    what should the tech do.
    a. do a gram stain
    b. recallibrate the machine
    c. report as not Susceptible?

    If the stock solution had 9ml of saline and i add 1ml of serum making it 1;10
    six test tubes labled Ato F contains 0.5ml saline in each.
    i add 0.5ml of the stock solution to tube A and mix and the add 0.5ml to tube B and mix and add 0.5ml to tube C and mix until i reach tube F.
    What would be the dilution in tube F?
    thank you.

  22. Tina says:

    Hii, I passed ASCP yesterday morning with first attempt.I am so happy . And I would like to thank wordsology .Really this website help me a lot . Thank you so much.

  23. Mona says:

    Can someone plz be kind I would be so grateful email study notes

  24. Papi says:

    @ Tina, congratulations. Can someone in the house tell me where the ascp center is in Africa? Nigeria to be precise

  25. Zee says:


    There’s no where you can find good study notes but only on this website. Just go through the threads of previous test takers and you’ll find everything and of course notes from the author of this website. I guess there’s no need for everyone to keep asking to email notes. I’m not sure if they have time to email or send notes to every person requesting.

    • wordsology says:

      Thanks Zee. I really appreciate your suggestion. Folks – plenty of recalls are posted here publicly thanks to all your fellow and future colleagues. No need to request them privately!

  26. jenn says:

    hey can we scribble down notes during the exam. i do best when i can write down stuff during tests

  27. Justin Enekhaze says:

    Took my exam this afternoon, and i saw pass on the screen. Thanks to you, you and you for the notes and passed questions. It really helped me. God bless you all.

  28. Tina says:

    Congrats Justin…

  29. Papi says:

    @Tina, yeah. I did get it.

  30. saloma90 says:

    I score really bad on labce for the chemistry portion, whats the best way to study for chem? im taking my mlt ascp in 3 weeks

    • wordsology says:

      Don’t be discouraged. Unless you already have the “Harr” book, it’s probably too late to get that now. That book is really a “programmed approach” to chemistry and I used it exclusively for the Chem portion of my exam prep. Aside from that, doing AS MANY CHEM QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE in the next few weeks would be to your advantage. I’m suggesting 50 chem questions every single day on LabCE right after you wake up and have some coffee.

      • saloma90 says:

        Thank you, i will do that for sure and yes i do have harr but i have been focusing on labce and the cards lately since my labce subscription is about to expire in less than a month.

  31. Hiw says:

    Please guys how many times eligible for Retake ascp IMLT exam????

  32. Olalekan says:

    hi everyone,first of all ,i will wanna thank wordsology for bringing up this forum,i passed last thursday after the 3rd attempt,still in shock anyway.Its been a tough time but i give glory to the almighty.I read the book of Harr(4th edition), flash cards by polansky,bottom line approach(from Kavitha;God bless you),Labce ,blood bank guy on you tube. I concentrated on my med micro,haem and blood banking and chemistry.It took 3 solid months of reading,i used the last one month of the exam doing the labce,exam stimulator. and i got up to 6.3 difficulty level in the computer adaptive with a score of 69-71%. Please make sure you are above 6.0 to approach this exam.,wishing everone the best.please arinola you can send your mail again,(have been in a terrible mood since my 2nd attempt)i will be ready to help. For the recall questions; my 1st question was —– sugar can ferment staph. aureus,the option were sucrose,lactose,mannitol,?,a lot of blood bank ABO discrepancy,cold isoagglutinin,like 3 antibody ID, a lot of micro questions,something class B fire extinguisher,tactical lab operation questions, calculation of foeto maternal bleeding calculations like 3 questions,only one parasitology and fungi, a lot of immunology question too. thot i was doing really bad,thanks a lot wordsology.

  33. twydee says:

    Thank you wordosology these notes helped a lot. Valinomycin for potassium, a lot of cell panel, t. Saginata/solium, feta maternal blood computation, study polansky’s enterobacteriacea chemical reactions the summarize one, it really helped, GFR/crea clearance computation, bilirubin in hepatic, hemolytic, obstruction. Papain/ficin, bacteria with satellite reaction, salmonella/shigella reaction in TSI, Hepa D, PCRs, SAH. Do a lot of labce game mode, it helps for the random questions, understand principles behind cell panel, majority that came out didn’t ask for what antibody but what should be or what’s missing, something like that, it tests your analytical skills. Make sure to read instructions carefully, note the words not, except, least etc. before you start you can write the formula etc on the writing pad they provide at least that saves you time, ask for new pad if your done with it, you can’t erase it. You can borrow calculators, I asked for mine, it is allowed and in the middle of the exam if you want a breather you can take a break just ask the proctor, it will help you calm down and recollect, there’s water there too. Good luck and thank you again to wordosology and the contibutors of this site, who cared to share, encourage and give advise. There are a lot of good people in the world. Godspeed.

  34. Christine Kamau says:

    Hey I just immigrated to the US and I have a bachelor’s in mls I want to get certified I really need advice on how foreigners go about it or anyone who has been in my situation can assist please

  35. Anyone who has had their bachelor’s outside us and have been certified I would highly appreciate advice on How to go about it

  36. forlornd says:

    I studied on and off for a few months before taking this exam, which I highly DON’T recommend. Bob Harr was my program director, so I had his book memorized because he and all of my other teachers used questions from his book for our exams. I also used the review book by Patsy Jarrean, along with this site and LABCE. I was very fortunate with my clinical experience and was able to use that knowledge for most of the questions. When I took the LABCE exams, I was scoring in the upper 400’s and lower 500’s. Questions on LABCE repeated themselves semi-often and some of the explanations for correct choices were unhelpful. For example, if I got a question wrong it would say “Answer: 41565 was the correct answer. Description: 41565 is the correct answer.” If you can get a classmate to buy a subscription and share their password with everyone else, I would do that.

    The exam wasn’t too bad. For every question I had no idea what to pick, I guessed B (like Harr said). Take your time, I had an hour left when I finished. I went back through and tried to memorize as many questions as I could, mainly for this site. I didn’t change a single answer, it is best not to second guess yourself. You can take a calculator in with you, but you leave everything, even watches and pens, behind. They give you a marker and a dry-erase board so you can write anything down. I immediately wrote all the micro charts from this site, along with a few calculations. You can take a break any time, but time still ticks down. I took a 15 minute break just to clear my head and walk around. They also provide sound-proof headphones, if you would like to use them.

    My advice, schedule your exam early because dates can fill up fast. I tried to sign up for a day during the first week of the month, but there was only 1 slot available the whole month. Pearson doesn’t just offer medical related exams, they do stuff for all trades. Also, make sure you send your transcripts in advance to ASCP or they will not send you the certificate. It takes about 3-5 weeks to send your certificate if you have everything submitted.

    Because I don’t want to give incorrect answers and steer you wrong, I tried to say most of the choices that I can remember. I scored in the upper 400’s on the ASCP, so I’m no genius. Also, double check all my answers before studying. Answers with a question mark are ones that I am not 100% sure are correct. Also note that if I only list 3 of 4 answers, that’s because I cannot recall the 4th choice. There may be another “better” answer that I cannot remember.

    The majority of questions on your exam will probably be on your weakest areas, as confirmed by me and a few classmates. I studied 3/4 of the main areas hard, but got screwed by my weakest.

    So…here’s the questions I recall from my exam:
    Blood Bank:
    1) Mother Le(a-b-), what would cause this? – mother loses lewis antigens while pregnant
    2) Mom is A+ baby is B+ elution shows: Acell 2+, Bcell 2+, SC1 0, SC2 0, SC3 0 – what antibody is present?
    3) Given a panel, all but one cell reacted at AHG. Asked which cell should be used to rule out Anti-C and gave 4 more possible cells as choices.
    5) One ABO discrepancy, asked the cause. Reactions: Anti A 4+, Anti B 0, A cells 0, B cells 0
    6) Number of rhogam vials to give mother if fetal blood is 62.
    7) Cause of weak D – missing epitope….?
    8-12) I had 5 panels. Make sure you know how enzymes affect panels. Half of my panels had an enzyme column.
    13) An O positive Patient has a known anti-K. Which of the following is true?
    A) 93% of O blood will be compatable
    B) 7% of O blood will be compatable
    C) 93% of A blood will be compatable
    D) 3% of A blood will be compatable

    1) LDL calculation – straight up, no gimmicks
    2) HDL was 34, Trig was 400, and cholesterol was 235. LDL was directly tested and was 169. (P.S. if you know the correct answer to this, please tell me. I know that you cannot calculate the LDL if the Trig is above 400, but I keep second guessing myself)
    A) Report out calculated LDL
    B) Retest Triglycerides and recalculate LDL
    C) Retest cholesterol and recalculate LDL
    D) Recollect while fasting
    3) Gave 4 anion gap equations and asked which one would give an error – one had a negative value
    4) Asked the definition of an automated delta check
    5) Analyzer is set to delta check sodium at +/-7. Of these results, which would delta check? (and yes, there were 2 that would “technically” delta check”)
    Day 1: 137
    Day 2: 141
    Day 4: 132
    Day 5: 137
    Day 7: 136
    Day 8: 142
    Day 10: 134

    A) Day 1
    B) Day 4
    C) Day 8
    D) Day 10

    6)Patient with HA1C of 5%, glucose is 150. – Patient was following diet for beginning of 3 months and stopped.
    7&8)Know your chemistry enzymes from the chart on this site. It is EXTREMELY helpful.
    Which of the following is increased in skeletal muscle disorder
    ALP is elevated in____
    9) Bromide affects which electrolyte?
    10) HDL precipitation, what is the use of Heparin-manganase?

    1) Picture of sickle cells – asked which reagent should be used to diagnose
    2) 4 year old has increased N/C ratio with cells containing 2 nucleoli. (no picture) Choices:
    A) Lymphoblast
    B) Monoblast
    C) Reacive Lymph
    3) Caused increased ESR
    4) Picture of sickle cell and target cells – asked which disease
    5) Picture of poly and Macrocytes – asked which anemia
    6) Low WBC, low RBC, low Platelet count – asked which lab test would be useful to add on for anemia diagnosis
    7) Blood was opened for a long period of time, what would happen to pH, pCO2 and pO2
    8) Blood with strong cold antibody will – agglutination on smear
    9) Picture of agglutination, asked increase in what causes it?
    A) Red blood cells
    B) Neutrophils
    C) Histamines
    D) Platelets
    10) Blood smear was staining darker blue – reduce pH buffer
    11) A control blood smear was made that covered 60% of the slide. The red cells stained pink while white cells had their nuclei stain dark blue to light blue. The white cells were clustered at the tail end.
    A) Accept
    B) Reject – white cells clustered at tail
    C) Reject – Red cell color is incorrect

    1) CSF has gram positive beta hemolytic bacilli catalase+, oxidase-. What Should you do?
    A) report out normal flora
    B) perform indole and…something else
    C) perform motility at room temp and 35
    2) Hektoen agar, what color would and A/A bacteria change?
    A) Yellow
    B) Green
    C) Black
    D) Clear
    3) Showed a picture of mycobacterium that was grown in dark. When left in light for 8 hours, it turned yellow and has significantly less growth.
    4) Cigar shaped gram positive staining organism – candida
    5) Had your Fletcher’s media for Leptospira question
    6) Gram stain (can’t remember the site, but I think it was some sort of oral lesion) grew a gram positive cocci and a gram negative bacilli. On the aerobic culture, only the cocci grew. What is the bacteria. – Bacteroides
    7) Bacteria with tapered ends – Fusobacterium
    8) Showed 4 TSI slants, asked which one would be for Salmonella
    9) How to tell Yersinia pestis from other Yersinia species – Motility test
    10) Swarming bacteria, which test should you do next – Indole (for Proteus sp.)
    11) A beta hemolytic gram positive cocci is growing on a blood plate. It is catalase positive, coag negative, oxidase negative, 6.5% NaCl positive.
    A) Report as normal flora
    B) Repeat the catalase and report out Enterococcus
    C) Repeat the coagulase and report out Staph aureus
    D) Repeat the oxidase and report out Micrococcus

    1) Doc sends a throat swab for rotavirus – call for clarification
    2) Normal DDMR and abnormal FDP, what disease
    A) VWD
    B) Fibrinolysis
    C) DIC
    3) Which factor mediates prothrombin to thrombin
    4) Ran controls and PT was normal, PTT was abnormal. Replaced controls and got same results. What should you do next?
    A) Change out the Recombiplastin
    B) Change out the CaCl
    C) Rerun controls
    D) Run patient tests
    5) 5HIAA – carcinoid tumors
    6) Positive RPR but negative FT-ABS. What would cause?
    7) Had your pyelonephritis question from your practice questions.
    8) Question about coccidioides rapid agglutination test.
    9) PT, PTT, and TT were abnormal – Factor 5 inhibitor
    10-13) 3-4 questions about PCR, Rotavirus, and viral stools. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed all of them.
    14) Picture of a Renal Epithelial cell

    Don’t feel intimidated for this exam. For you, I leave this joke.
    How to fall down stairs:
    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 5
    Step 9
    Step 12

    P.S. You guys were a big help. Thanks to all on this site.

    • wordsology says:

      This is really an exceptional review ‘forlond’. Your experience matches my own and I wholeheartedly agree with your advice. Thank you so very much for your advice and recollection. I will also post your excellent review under the “Exam Recalls” heading. Finally, congratulations to you!

    • marwa says:

      Congrats furlong. i would like to know the answer for this question if u sure about it?
      11) A beta hemolytic gram positive cocci is growing on a blood plate. It is catalase positive, coag negative, oxidase negative, 6.5% NaCl positive.
      A) Report as normal flora
      B) Repeat the catalase and report out Enterococcus
      C) Repeat the coagulase and report out Staph aureus
      D) Repeat the oxidase and report out Micrococcus
      i would go for C??

    • sa says:

      thanx alot forlornd

  37. Hey anyone who’s had their bachelor’s in mls outside us and have done their ascp exam a would appreciate advice on how to go about it

  38. nora says:

    i just passed my ascp exam yesterday after failing it before and the polansky review cards really helped because i was only using them and some boc questions as well. I did use your website and the micro helped me so much so thank you for all the help you provide to all mls students.

  39. Freshnelalcoy says:

    Congrats furlong….anyone knows how to check the delta check on Sodium?is there formula on these kind of situation?can anyone teach me…and about the question on bloodbath about anti k…plz guys help me exam on May 27..God Bless

    • forlornd says:

      For the sodium delta check question, a delta check occurs when a result is greater than 7 or less than 7 of the previous result. The number can change based on the test result, and hospital settings. The first delta check would occur on Day 4 because 141-132 = 9. Technically one other answer may be correct, but I cannot remember proper wording of the question.

      For the anti-K question, first off you don’t want to transfuse A blood to an O blood patient. You’ll kill them. This leaves choices A and B. The K antigen has a low frequency in the general population. Less than 10% of people have it. Therefore the answer is A. Because less than 10% have the antigen, approximately 93% will be compatible.

  40. Armina says:

    Hi safa this Armina
    You said that the Labce is subscription
    What about the free quizes of the Labce is not helpful??
    Because iam doing that
    My email is
    Pleases answer me ASAP

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