Blood Bank

This is how you can solve the simple type of panel you’ll encounter on the ASCP exam

Another very minor issue that can be majorly annoying unless you learned it in school. This is a great translation method from Polansky

Another very minor issue that can be majorly annoying unless you learned it in school. This is a great translation method from Polansky


The note about Le is VERY high yield. In fact, the entire card describing antibody characteristics is important. Undoubtedly, you will have at least one question based on characteristics of antibodies

You already know how important it is to know all of this

You already know how important it is to know all of this

The most common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank (and the ASCP exam)

The most common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank (and the ASCP exam)

47 Responses to Blood Bank

  1. maryana says:

    This is great! Thanks!

  2. lyra says:

    hI my exan is on dec 26, its good i found your page, giving me more confidence in taking the test.


  3. Hawk says:

    I think its great of you to post all of this info. I think its very considerate of you.
    I think you should continue to develop this website and your skills in this area of preparation because you have a unique perspective. I’m taking the exam on January 7th, 2013. Thanks for the great ideas and charts

  4. Sandra McH says:

    Hi there!
    Just found your website today, I am preparing to take my ASCPi for the second time in March and kind of freaking out seen as I failed it the first time around! You have managed to calm me down a bit! Thanks a mill!

  5. nick daley says:

    Hithere: Does anybody know how to deal with the ASCP question on” interpret antibody identification”. I have no difficult if I am given a piece of paper with the results and do crossing-out on it, but feel hard when I work on computer–just can not focus on and takes long time. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    • wordsology says:

      If I were you, i’d just copy what’s on the screen onto the whiteboard you’re given during the exam. The panel they give you will be fairly short – 3 or 4 panel cells and maybe 10 different antigens. Just draw it and out and do your crossing out on the whiteboard. You’ll have plenty of time during the exam and this is a GIMME question. Don’t worry about the time spent b/c these are guaranteed points you’re earning – there’s no guessing or difficulty involved apart from the fact that you just need to write it out on your own.

  6. nick says:

    Thanks a lots. By the way, why you said ” Don not worry about the time spent”. Does the test
    have a limited time frame?
    Thanks a agin!

  7. Ideyo says:

    Thank you for the information! I will taking the exam soon and needed a little guidance.

  8. Aruba says:

    Can someone help me understand the ABO discrepancies, to recognize the type of discrepancy and how to resolve it. I have some understanding but don’t completely understand or recognize them. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  9. HET says:

    i just found out about this site while searching for how to prepare and found this so helpful.thank you so much for the information.

  10. Oanh says:

    Hi, I think there’s a typo in the Ab characteristics. Anti-P is associated with PCH not PNH?

  11. Ashley says:

    Hi! I took my exam on June the 26th, and was unsucessful, i wish i would have seen your website beforehand bc i feel way more confidant to take it again. My test had a LOT of acquired blood banking questions, A1, B, etc. what do you think is the best way to remember that information?

  12. Jen says:

    I’m currently in my blood bank rotation, and I’ve found the blood bank guy to be the best to help explain ruling out, discrepancies, antigens- I wouldn’t use it as a source to study as it includes practically EVERYTHING, but if there is something you find difficult to understand, his videos are very thorough and relatively easy to understand.

  13. Fady says:

    Hi Wordsology, I face difficulty in interpreting antibody identification panel and cross outs…I know it is simple but still can’t get the full picture needed for this kind of questions in the exam.. would you kindly advice me .I have exam on Aug. 27.

    • wordsology says:

      It’s going to very easy. The Antibody panels are usually very short (3 cell cross outs) and pretty straightforward. It’s difficult for me to explain through words so i’m working on some diagrammatic representations. Your best bet right now is to consult any clinical science review book or immunohematology book and take a look at the first, simple explanation of antibody panel rule-outs. The test won’t give you something more complicated than that. Good luck and I wish I could have been more helpful.

    • Aaron says:

      Hope you see this before you take your exam…

      One website I found SUPER useful when I was in blood banking class was Watch his videos on doing cross outs and what not. He explains everything and is a really good narrator (not boring like a lot of online video lecturers). I credit that website for me getting an A in my class.

      • Fady says:

        Thank you Aaron & Wordsology….I did find it very useful but unfortunately I didn’t pass the ASCP exam for the second time…but what was veryy annoying that I got 398 out of 400 passing score and I failed…will try for sure again.
        @ Wordsology your micro notes are really helpful and thank you so much for making this page.

    • Faye Mortazavi says:

      Thank you!
      This is great!
      I’m planning to take the exam only blood Bank
      Any suggestions? Any material or books or websites that is only for blood bank?
      Thanks again

  14. David says:

    I used your notes and recently passed my ASCP Exam on 11/06/14. Thank you so mcuh

  15. thesa says:

    Hi. ahm i’m really really confused with the antibody identification. can you share a trick on it? Thanks!

  16. Kirols says:

    Hi Wordsology … how can i find your notes ??

  17. Nicole De Guzman says:

    How can I get the notes? Help please. Thank you 🙂

  18. Ipassed says:

    My blood bank questions:
    – Which one show dosages? Anti E, anti M, Jya…
    – pt who is AB positive but results show cold anti-P… Look at these panel see which one matches with pt’s results
    … It will show you for 4 results with front, back typing results, rh, and IS results… And then u will pick which one is ab positive with cold agglutination
    – which blood products have the greatest risk transmit hep b virus : plts, washed rbc ect…
    – I got 4 or 5 Abo discrepancy. I recommend you look over your blood bank book and learn the cases… And how to resolve the problems.
    – some easy one like… What is rosette test detecting?
    – 2 antibody id… Then decide which cells to use for positive and negative control for these anti body.
    – calculate how many units you need to screen before you can find 4 compatible unit for anit K and E ( I think)

  19. Summer says:

    Thanks so much for posting all this info. My test is this Saturday and came across this a few days ago. Very nervous at this point but hope to pass. Quick question: I’m usually great with panels, but i’m totally confused as to why the answer above is “little c”. Can you please explain? Thanks!

  20. Sam says:

    Its really hard, can u give me any tips for memorised?really appricate.

  21. Klynn says:

    Im not sure how to post to the exam recalls so hopefully someone will notice this!
    Unfortunately I failed by test today, but I’m going to keep pushing. I went through others recall questions to trigger me to remember some of my questions. It’s not much but I hope it helps. I was really discouraged when I saw the word FAIL but to anyone else struggling as well, do not give up. That just means the job opening you were about to apply for wasn’t quite ready or wasn’t the one at the moment. Things happen for a reason and I have to keep telling myself that. To add to these recalls, I would definitely know the micro charts. I could get the choices down to two and then just took a guess.
    The most common cause of sperm agglutination is presence of sperm antibodies
    Swarming; indole negative (proteus mirabilis)
    Swarming; indole positive (proteus vulgaris)
    Picture of rouleaux; the cause of this can be prom the proliferation of (plasma cells-multiplemyeloma)
    Picture of csf electrophoresis; what would the tech do next
    Fresh frozen plasma was thawed at 10am and then stored at 4C to be picked up at 3, what should the tech do
    2mL of blood and .5 mL ofanticoagulant; what would happen for results of apt
    Agar was poured into a 100 mL container instead of the normal 150 mL container. What would happen?
    LDL calculation
    hCg can be detected in
    hemophilia B is a deficiency in factor IX
    cell lysis in the classical pathway is caused by___ (know which numbers ex: C8, C5 etc.)
    urine was delayed in being refrigerated, what happens; increased pH increased amorphous, casts dissolve
    cause of cloudy CSF- crystals
    calculate anion gap
    calculate LDL
    know what the different malarlia looks like in a blood smear
    antibody panels
    O positive man had a strong anti-e, he will be incompatible with what percent of what blood Rh type
    Forward type as A, reverse type as AB; what is the cause
    Mom is A dad is O; gave results of baby which ended up being A pos with a positive DAT and a hemoglobin of 8.1. Which one gave a misleading result? I put DAT
    If the PT controls were okay and the aptt controls were okay, what do you do next? Choices were replace thrombin, replace activator, etc.
    What is used to differentiate primary from secondary hypothyroidism; choices were T3, free T4, TSH, and TBH or something along those lines
    Abnormal cells in the bone marrow with a high nucleus to chromatin ratio with few present nucleoli; choices were atypical lymphocytes, monoblasts, lymphoblasts
    Pinworm-use the tape prep
    Replace fibrinogen in a patient using what product
    Mixed field reactions are caused by having; two cellpopulations
    Histogram principle
    Calcium-ion elective electrode principle
    Normal iron and TIBC; pernicious anemia
    Significant titer is; 4 fold between acute and convalescent

    • wordsology says:

      Thank you for your recalls. I appreciate it and so will many others. I commend you for taking the time and making the effort to post this. Based on your recollection and stick-to-it attitude, i’m absolutely certain that you’ll pass the next time around. You might as well schedule it soon. Thanks again!

    • Matty says:

      Thank so much for sharing.

  22. Ruth says:

    Hi!! Thank you for posting your recalls and for making this website. I such a great help to all exam takers like me. God speed! 🙂

  23. Ruth says:

    Hi!! Thank you for posting your recalls and for making this website. It such a great help to all exam takers like me. God speed! 🙂

  24. Rasha says:

    Hi..may i ask which antibody detoriates upon standing.?

  25. Shruti Dalal says:

    Hello wordsology before two days ago I heard about this website from my friend. So thankful to you and to my friend. I am taking my Test for MLS on coming 4th of march. So far I have one question related chemistry is that what disease caused because of antibodies to TSH ? Hashimoto or grave’s disease? Thank you so much for making this website so everyone can discuss over recall and use your notes for better understanding.

  26. Paresh Patel says:

    Wonderful Website…
    Going to write exam today…

  27. Jeni says:

    Hello I had a question about BB panels, on my exam I had many BB panel questions and I felt I was ready for them since I had been watching the BB guy videos and got those correct but my questions on the exam was totally different than what I had seen. They gave me a panel but the answers to choose from was parts of a panel that didn’t even match the panel above (as far as the reactions) and I don’t even know what to look up to figure out how to study for it next time.
    (Panel here like we always see but the answers to choose from where as follows:)
    The question was something like…out of these which could be ruled out
    K jka jkb fya fyb
    A. + 0 + 0 0
    B. + 0 + + +
    C. + 0 0 0 +
    D. 0 + 0 + 0

    These are only examples because I do not remember exactly what was on the exam. Any help would be much appreciated.

  28. Andrea Locke says:

    Thank you!!!!

  29. Johanna says:

    Hello all. I just stumbled across this website as i was looking for reviews of which site works and helps the best. My exam is in 2 1/2 weeks from now and i am freaking out! I just reviewed the high yield bbk section and it was good so far. I am on labce as well but i get depressed with my passing % (between 49 and 55% with avg difficulty at 5.5%) but im reviewing the best I can. Chemistry is my weakest area! Ant tips moving forward for the exam? Thanks and wish me luck.

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