I receive a great deal of great feedback from folks who have taken the ASCP exam. Sometimes, I read something so inspiring that I feel like signing up and retaking the exam! I hope you find these just as inspiring.

Note: Folks thank me and there’s really no reason for it. I’m simply providing a clearhinghouse of information. My brother generously paid for the server space and the contributors and the visitors are the ones who keep everything going.  Keep up the great work everyone! 

Thank you for this amazing website, I took Ascpi yesterday and I passed (my 1st attempt). Graduated in 2015 ( medicine and surgery) and 2008 ( Medical Laboratory Science). I passed really not because I graduated as a medical doctor few years back but because of God’s divine and unmerited grace and this amazing website. I was guided thoroughly by those recalls and comments from many people on this site. Over half of the questions on my exam were actually either related to the things already discussed here or directly same questions. To God I give all the praises and to all who contributed here I say thank you and may God bless you, and to Sochil I say may God bless you richly and immensely.

-Daniel (Sep 2017)

I finished the ASCP MLS exam today and saw PASS!!! This has been a long time coming! I almost couldn’t believe it said “PASS” …..I grad 2 years ago and tried the test a first time, and failed. I took it a second time, only because I had already paid and registered for it (i wasn’t ready), and of course, failed. I was then granted the 1 year permit and worked for the year, then passed this third time. I used “A bottom Line Approach” book, LabCe, and the high yield notes from this site (thanks Sohail!). I took one full week off from work and studied like a maniac the whole week (8 hours a day in the library, 1 subject each day). It was worth it because I passed and SO CAN YOU! God bless you all and Good Luck!

-Lee (July 2017)

Hey guys. Just took the MLS ASCP like20 mins ago and got a pass. Want to say thanks to wordsology and everyone who posted their recall, especially the most recent exam recalls. I got around 15 or more of the questions posted…Review the exam recalls and the high yield notes. I guarantee they will play a great role to your exam as they did for mine.
Good luck.

-Rondrae (June 2017)

Hello everyone I passed today!!! it was my second time. First time I got 396 and I was so dissapointed but I didn’t give up. Even though I have a full time job and family to take care of I passed the exam 🙂 and this only because I did’nt give up and special thanks to this website and its creator without this website I couldn’t pass it. I don’t live in the US I am from Denmark it was hard for me but I did it!! SO YOU ALL CAN ALSO DO IT!! I used Planske card, recalls, Sohail’s high yield notes, Harr for som explanation and did about 1500 Labce questions and scored 55% in computer adoptive. I got about 40% questions from recalls. I put some recalls soon THANKS AGAIN Sohail and to all the members of this website for posting recalls and postive comments :)))))

[[[EARLIER FROM THE SAME TEST TAKER]]] Thanks for reply Sohail. I didn’t pass😔 but I am not that disappointed because I only had 1 and a have month to study and couldn’t even get around to look into the exam recalls I got 396 points! I have applied for retaking and now waiting for the admission letter. For me this exam is quite difficult because as I’ve mentioned I am from Denmark and have studied in Danish language my english is terrible as well 🙉🙈🙊Now we are planning to move Florida but it’s not easy as I thought! 😨hope I can pass the International MLS this time 🙏 because have studied all exam recalls. When I am done with this exam will start study for TOFEL test, which is also one of the requirements for Medical Technologist for the Visa Screening through CGFNS. Haaaah I am so stressed 😓😓

-Tazeen (July 2017)

I have no words but thank you Mr. Sahail for your website. All your notes and charts are the only one that actually helped me get through microbiology, hematology, virology, and chemistry in today’s MLS exam. Every question in the MLA exam today has to do with your high yields notes and flow charts. It was very smooth ride in the test and 40 minutes time remaining to review questions. Awesome. And when it says, PASS , i just thought of Sahail and this website. God Bless.

-Tenzin (June 2017)

Just passed the exam yesterday! Thank you so much for your guidance on how to study for this exam! Of course, the high yield notes were excellent. It was tough. Around the 60th question, I was feeling worn out and thought I was going to fail. Seeing the word “Pass” on that screen was the most awesome feeling in the world! Taking 100 questions a day on LabCE REALLY does help, because you will see a lot of the same questions on the real exam. Study and understand any answers you get wrong. Good luck to anyone taking the test!

-Esmeralda (April 2017)

It has been few months since I took my ASCPi exam. Thank you for all the help you have given me. From passing strategy books, recall questions, to the high yield notes. I was out of practice as a Laboratory Technologist for eight years but through the help of this website, I passed the ASCPi on my first attempt. Thank you!!!!

-dreigonzales (March 2017)

Hi, Sohail! I just passed my MLS/ASCP this past weekend, and some people have asked me for advice. After telling them that Wordsology was one of my most helpful sources, including the high-yield notes and study strategy, it occurred to me that I needed to give credit where credit was due. Thank you for this site!  I’m not sure how you did it. When I walked out of the testing center, I could not have told you a single question I remembered from the exam, and I was sure I was failing the whole time I was taking it, so I don’t even know what I answered correctly. I did take your advice and put away my notes the day before, and would not look at them again no matter how tempted I was. I also did something that brings me peace before the exam, i.e., sitting by a river and watching the birds. Thank you again for taking the time to set up this site, and for the care in sharing it.

-Terri (March 2017)

Hello all! I do not remember any unique questions from the exam, but I must beg everyone to USE THE EXAM RECALLS. I spent one afternoon going through the recalls and saw 5+ word-for-word and 10+ similar topics/different phrasing.

I cannot recommend enough to set aside an entire week to just go through the recalls, look up your own answers (this is important, many of the recalls have incorrect answers), and make flashchards for the ones you don’t know. I only got through 1/6 of the recalls on this site (it took 6+ hours… there are A LOT of recalls) and saw 15% of my exam. You can’t beat it.

Again, I beg of you to set your last week of study time to reading the recalls.Also the micro charts (GPC, GPR, and ENTERO specifically). This cannot be overstated enough. Thanks for the site!

-Jefflypuff (February 2017)

Hello Sohail,
Just took my ASCP MLS and the preliminary report says passed! Of course a huge thanks to GOD! And after that, it’s you! I don’t know how to ever thank you and my fellow study mates from this group. God bless you for creating this website. As I am writing my gratitude to All of you, I am crying! I can’t hold it to myself!

A little bit of my background: I graduated 5 years ago and failed 2x. I got cold feet the 3rd time and didn’t show up for the test. That was 5 years ago! I was never sure what was wrong with me. I felt like all this time I am studying, but what will be the outcome? What happened to my 4 years of school knowledge? It fractured my confidence very badly. I got frustrated/ depressed and I was so ashamed to share with anyone that I developed a tendency of hiding out from my classmates and friends!

A month ago, I got the courage to try it one more time. I told myself if I don’t try, I will be haunted by it forever and I do not deserve it. I told myself that this time I am going to try harder and with a more strategic approach instead of studying too much and not making a sense of it. That led me to come to your website. I followed your passing strategy, studied your high-yield notes religiously, solved all the recall questions that everyone was kind enough to post, along with LABCE and “A bottom line approach”. GOD bless you Sohail! and God bless each and every single person who has come here and contributed their time and effort in helping others!

-Kuki (January 2017)

Passed my ASCP exam! I highly recommend this site to everyone who will be taking their exams soon. I almost shouted at my testing room because I cannot contain my happiness after I saw the word PASS, all other sentences just went out of focus. Haha! Thank you so much, Sohail! 😊

-Kaneulchan (January 2017)

Oh Happy Day! I took my MLT ASCP exam and passed on the first try! Wordsology was a website I often visited to get as much insight of the exam as possible. I felt it was only right to tell my experience to help others.
I gave myself 2.5 months to study. The study material I mainly worked off of was Bottom Line Approach and MediaLab (formally LabCE). I also used Success for certain topics that needed more explanation. After reading, highlighting and answering the questions at the end of each section, I would complete a 100 question test on MediaLab. I would then review my results, taking notes based off the feedback. I took adaptive tests on a daily basis, sometimes twice per day, as test day approached. For the adaptive exams, I was averaging 53% with a 5.6 difficulty. It felt frustrating and hopeless that I couldn’t get higher than that.
The night before the exam, I made it a point to NOT REVIEW. Luckily for me that night was the Presidential election so I was deeply distracted. The day of my exam, to rid myself of the jitters, I had a Dance Party for one in my living room. Popped my headphones in and danced to calm myself down. Finally at the testing site, they scanned my palms and took my picture for security purposes. I was provided with a marker, paper, calculator, ear plugs and seated at a computer. While taking the exam I seriously thought I was going to fail. I felt my nerves were making my brain go blank. The questions towards the end of my exam didn’t seem harder, as others have said it did if they weren’t doing so well. I managed to complete my exam within an hour. The exam allows you to review but I suggest you don’t (unless you flagged specific questions). You’ll only second guess yourself….stick with your gut. After all was said and done, I hit submit for the last time and “Presumptively PASS” appeared on the screen. I sat there for a minute to make sure it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. WooHoo! I hope my story helps someone out! Good Luck!

-Debby (November 2016)

I just took my ASCP and passed on a first try. I can’t thank the creator of this website enough. I used wordsology for study tips, exam strategy and high yield notes. I categorized and reviewed almost all the recall questions, the process was time consuming but it paid off.
I completed my rotation 5 months ago and so I was not as fresh on the material. I studied for two months: a couple of hours during the first month and about 4 hours a day the second month. The material I used: this website, bottom line approach (especially tables, graphs, memory aid), the success book for areas that weren’t well covered in the bottom line book. I subscribed to LabCe and completed 5 adaptive exams scoring 52-55% at average difficulty 5.5, I also subscribed to but their questions are from the recall questions from this website.
My thoughts on the exam: it was a fair exam, most of my questions were blood bank. I strongly encourage anyone to go through the recall questions I have seen about 30-35 questions that were from this website.

-Saro (November 2016)

Thank you so much for the website!!! I passed the test after studying really hard for three weeks and I still can’t believe it! This one was my second time taking it and I focused in Hematology, Chemistry, Microbiology and Blood Bank. Thank you for all the content, it was really useful!

-Barbara (November 2016)

…for the tremendous joy I feel right now because I just took the NY ASCP exam a few hours ago and when I saw the word “PASS” i almost had a seizure! Walking into the exam, I felt prepared enough thanks to your organized notes on all the major subjects!!!!!! And of course my effort in going over the Harr book, LabCe, class notes and YouTube videos for visuals. Sohail thank you wholeheartedly for this website! It means the world to me to earn the title: licensed laboratory technologist!

-Nataly (December 2016)

I just took my ASCP MLS today and passed!!! This wordsology site, LABCE, Quick review cards by polansky, BOC book and review book by Anna Ciulla are the books that tremendously helped me. 45 days of reviewing for 2 hours in morning and 2 hours in afternoon.  Thank you again and good luck to everyone

-Maricel (December 2016)

I passed MLS (ASCPi) just recently. I found it hard because most of it covered Blood Banking and Microbiology. The charts in this site for Microbiology is the only reference that I’ve read and it’s really helpful. I didn’t sleep before the day of the exams (because damn – I can’t!) I really wanted to sleep but my mind was still awake. But thanks to this site and my prayers I’ve passed!

-RJ Baclagan (December 2016)

To Sohail and all the wonderful people who took the time to share their experiences and recalls…thank you so much! I passed my MLS exam recently. No words can describe how grateful I am for this website. My advice for the future test takers: the day of the exam you should relax and watch a movie or have a dance party instead of reviewing. Also don’t forget to eat a proper meal and sugar up before the test! Best of luck to you all. You can do this!

-Lele (January 2017)