7 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. Melissa says:

    hi. did you take the ny state licensure exam?

  2. ALMA says:

    Thank you sir for your concerns,contributions,guidelines and most esp. your questions from the last exam 2012..i am taking the exam this year hopefully nov/dec 2015..Best Regards!!

  3. Patty says:

    Just took the MLS exam and passed (this very day)! There were a lot of Mycobacterium questions and BB questions regarding Rh negative moms and Rh positive babies. Thanks for having this site.

  4. Rahina says:

    Hi Sohail
    U r doing a great job by helping people around the world with this blog. I took the ASCPi exam back in 2015 and got through in the first attempt. currently working as Blood bank technologist in the UAE
    I would like to know if there are higher study options which are of value in the field of blood banking so that I could improve my career.
    It would be very good and impressive if this blog would discuss higher study options and courses in the field of medical laboratory technology as this field is becoming saturated. more and more people are studying the course and jobs are getting lesser especially in UAE and salary scale is also going down.
    or if there is another blog which addresses this issues please introduce…

    • Fatma Behe says:

      Please any help I will take MLT test that will be third time ,I want to pass any question or help please ,I study before 2 years ago labce and th ed purple yellow book

  5. Amberley Norwood says:

    Was wondering does your method work for the AMT exam as well?

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