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Welcome! This space is for folks preparing for the ASCP – MLS/MT/CLS exams.

Thank you to the foreign visitors to my page (108 international locations and counting). I took the ASCP exam but the ASCPi is the international equivalent of the same exam. The competencies tested are the same.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated. Your email will not be displayed.

        MORE UPDATES!____

Hemoglobin electrophoresis for the ASCP exam. The last 12 slides are 6 questions (to test your knowledge) and 6 answers (to cement your understanding) for the exam. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A chart of common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank. You are now fully covered for absolutely any ABO discrepancy questions thrown your way by ASCP!

How to Solve an Antibody Panel now posted under Blood Bank

Gram Negative Diplococci chart updated

Obligate Anaerobes chart updated

Random Cartoon Questions
micropic whatami

1,396 Responses to Personal Website of Sohail Ahmed

  1. Joy says:

    Please, I am a non-US trained scientist and will be moving to the US in few months time. I want to know which of the exams I can possible register for in US, ASCP or ASCPi. Can I write ASCPi in US or would I have to write ASCP.
    Please, I would appreciate any information with regards to u his. Thanks

  2. Li says:

    I’m so happy that I found this website!!!! Does anyone take LabCE course before? is it helpful for prepare ASCPi MT exam ? or only LabCE exam is recommended? I’m also a non US trained MT. I’m not sure what should I purchase from LabCE website.

    (( may I ask what is BB?? sorry, I couldn’t find the info.))


  3. Jane Boal says:

    Hi! I took my exam MT( AMT) last Friday June 8 unfortunately I didn’t pass my grade was 69% . I feel so devastated . I’m a graduate for more than 2 decades ago. It was really hard for me to go back and study medical technology. Even if I’m a graduate of it. Now, I’m working here in Oklahoma as a medical technology they allow me to work but I need to take pass the registry. During my exam the level is questions is really close to labce and BOC looks so simple but very tricky. I feel bad that no calculator was provided I got around 5 computation. I know the formula but due to time constrain I decided to guess. I actually finished the test 7 mins before the time. I tried to answer right the first time and avoid in going back. I studied HARR, JARREAU, some BOC and Polansky. I used LABCE and took 5k questions. Start with a grade of 34% and before I took my exam it was 62% . I’m not really that ready to take the exam but I took the risk since my due to take is June. I’m just blessed that I got a very supportive supervisor he understand and told me just to retake again. I’m very very sad but I know God has plan why. I’ll start studying again next week again and re apply after 45 days. I tried to recall and write down all the questions I remember so I can focus which ones I’m not familiar with.
    I of course study wordsology since you put so much relevant consicise topics which is very helpful.
    I congratulate you in putting this site.
    I hope on my next email I got good news to share to everyone.

  4. Rachel says:

    hi. i took my ASCP(MLS) exam last May 21, 2018 and I passed it for the first time… I got 780 points. i thought I can’t make it, but luckily I just did. Glory to God. I suggest review the highly yield notes here, it’s really helpful, plus the BOC and bottomline approach

  5. Dania says:

    Hi Ahmed, I just got certified as MT generalist by AAB and I would like to thank you for your help, I used almost all of your high yield notes, and took a lot of the advice you and others here gave for the passing strategy, I really like this website and appreciate all the support and positiveness of everybody here. I would like to contribute with two tables that I made myself for hematology (blood cells and WBC anomalies) and suggest one hematopoiesis chart that I found really helpful, please send me an email address when I can send them.
    Thank you for your great work and good luck!!

  6. Andrea Reeves says:

    Thank you so much for the hemoglobin electrophoresis cards! I was looking all over the internet and books for what I assumed was a straightforward explanation and I found it here. Thank you thank you thank you. Love the micro charts too!

  7. Kenneth Paul Perez says:

    Hello everyone I just want to ask the lowest possible equivalent score of a single question in the ascpi exam. Also i’ve been taking the exam simulator in and i am averaging 50 out of 100 do i have the chance to pass the actual exam? Thanks for answering 😀

  8. DD says:

    I just took my MT for microbiology exam (7/02/18) and passed. i jut wanted to say that if you are due to take the same exam anytime soon and you are behind on the things you supposed to cover for your exam, this website is your savior. I used this website, LabCe, and Harr/Anna and Donald books to study for my exam. The were excellent resources. Don’t waste your time on BOC.

    special thanks to the person who put this site together because it’s not easy to do.

  9. Amgad says:

    Anyone had done with the exam and willing sell the materials like the polonaski cards or harr book with an affordable price thanks.
    Also so many thanks to Wordsolgy for making this amazing site

  10. Jamaica Tapiculin says:

    Hi! I am going to take another exam for lab technician in Saudi Arabia. I would like to ask if someone is familiar with the notes you needed to study for the prometric exams for labtechnician in saudi?thank you very much !! Your response is highly appreciated 🙂

  11. Mohammad Shadab says:

    Hi, can someone tell which agency is better to get equivalency certificate for Indian degrees.
    Moreover, I did +3+2 degrees. Is it equivalent to US PG to apply for MLS

  12. Mar says:

    Anybody took AMT – MT test please help me. I have one month to study.

    • Cherry says:

      Hi Mar you can join the group on Facebook. My ASCP journey. It is very helpful

      • Jamaica Tapiculin says:

        Anyone here who was able to take prometric exam for lab technician? Would like to ask if what are the review materials you studied? Thanks!

  13. Fatimah Alhatemi says:

    hi everyone i took the ascp exam for 2nd time and i didnt make it .. im so scared to try again any idea to help me
    also how many times i can retake the exam ?

    • Vicki says:

      I understand for I am in the same boat. I’m scared to death.

    • Shaishavi says:

      I believe you can take it 5 times. Can you please tell me which material you studied and in what time period? Did you see some questions repeating from your previous exam? Did you study recalls?

    • Ash says:

      Hi Fatimah, I have taken the ASCP a few times as well, and from the first time I took the exam to the second I improved my score by 100 points using wordsology’s strategy. Despite the fact that I did not obtain a passing score I do believe I am going to use the same strategy once again. You can take the exam 5 times.

  14. nana says:

    Hi Sohail. If you have the exam recalls can you please send me on my email.
    Thank you

  15. PATRICK says:

    I took my ascp exam and i passed.

  16. Anne says:

    WOOT!! Passed MLS Board Exam today.
    Thank you!!

  17. kirolsandrawis says:

    Hi Sohail i’m just wondering which is better to find a job with ASCPi MLS certification or with AMT MT i have my degree . i’m living in Massachusetts and my degree from outside US. i’m eligable to take both .
    Thank you for your AMAZING website

  18. Lex says:

    Hi Sohail,
    I passed the ASCP MLT test a couple of days ago! I just wanted to thank you for making this site and for all your help. I’ve failed twice before so I was really nervous but your notes made some of the difficult subjects just click for me. I used wordsology, Polanksy, and Labce to study and I passed. I nearly cried.
    Thank you for taking the time to put this site together!!

  19. Meg says:

    I will be taking the ASCP H and was wondering if I should still purchase LabCE even though they don’t have just a “hematology” package. I wouldn’t be able to take the test stimulations because I wont know the other areas. Thoughts?

  20. Cindy says:

    Hi Sohail!!!!!!! I took my exam today and I passed on my first try THANK YOU!! I guess tips for other people taking it in the future: I had one week to review everything so I was on a time crunch and was honestly freaking out over where to start. Everything on this site is the bare minimum you should know! I luckily had access to BOC, success, Polansky, and LabCE. BOC did not have explanations for the answers so I didn’t use it much (also my time was limited), success is a pretty thick book (I used this for referencing things I want to know more in detail). Polansky and LabCE are the two main things I used to help study. I did a subject a day and minimum 100 questions a day. Honestly though just remember: there are times when you will be overwhelmed, you will not remember every single detail (it’s impossible unless you’re a genius with incredible memory), remember to breathe during the exam. Good luck everyone!! ❤

  21. Selene says:

    I took the ASCP and I passed… I used clinical laboratory review book and

  22. Paola says:

    Thanks to this webpage’s high yield notes, I passed MLT exam last week, first try. My Labce CAT was 50% with ~4 difficulties. My exam score is 469. I mainly studies this website and bottom line approach. Pass ascp was a scam. I also had other books, but not much help. My problem is I have bad memory, so I don’t remember much when study those books.

  23. Courtney says:

    Hello Sohail, I just passed the MLT BOC and this website is almost 98% to thank for the success. I know this site is mostly for MLS but I found it extremely helpful for my exam. My test was about 80% blood bank and all of your discrepancy slides helped so much. Thanks for making this website and being so helpful. Im so thankful!

  24. Christine harrer says:

    I would like to take the Ascp flow cytometry certification exam if you have any advice, websites, videos you can recommend.

  25. Cleopatra says:

    Hello I’m studying for the ASCP BB only and need help. Anyone taken it before?

  26. I need more explanations on ABO discrepancies…

  27. Mic says:

    Hi, your website is very helpful. I am an MD IMG graduate from the Philippines and I didn’t pass my Usmle step 1 exam so I want to use my B.S MLS degree so I can support my family. I need help, how do I structure my studying? I graduated from my medical technology program in Manila back in 2012 and I graduated from medical school 2017 so I am very far behind with studying for the asp exam.

    What do I do?

  28. Leo says:

    Hi Everybody,
    During the Covid Pandemic, I started to study for the exam. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now on when I can schedule the exam. I’m worried it might be a while, since they probably have a backlog of test takers before me. Just wanted to know, does anyone have any updated information?

    Also, wanted to thank Suhail for her dedication to the website that has been very informative.

    Please stay safe during these tough times,

  29. Charles says:

    Hey everyone,
    I have been an MLS(ASCP) for about 5 years now. This week I passed the Specialist in Chemistry, SC(ASCP) exam. I passed both the MLS(ASCP) and SC(ASCP) on my first tries. If anyone has any questions about either of these then I would be happy to help. Also, thanks so much for this website. I referenced it often before my MLS exam.

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