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Welcome! This space is for folks preparing for the ASCP – MLS/MT/CLS exams.

Thank you to the foreign visitors to my page (108 international locations and counting). I took the ASCP exam but the ASCPi is the international equivalent of the same exam. The competencies tested are the same.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, they are always welcome and appreciated. Your email will not be displayed.

        MORE UPDATES!____

Hemoglobin electrophoresis for the ASCP exam. The last 12 slides are 6 questions (to test your knowledge) and 6 answers (to cement your understanding) for the exam. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A chart of common ABO discrepancies encountered in blood bank. You are now fully covered for absolutely any ABO discrepancy questions thrown your way by ASCP!

How to Solve an Antibody Panel now posted under Blood Bank

Gram Negative Diplococci chart updated

Obligate Anaerobes chart updated

Random Cartoon Questions
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  1. samsam says:

    Hi Sohail, do you think that the MLS & MLT Comprehensive CE Package (97 CE courses) on labce would be helpful for an mlt?

    • wordsology says:

      I feel as if all knowledge is helpful in the ultimate battle we all wage against dementia. If you need 97 CE courses, then by all means, purchase them. If you are doing so in order to help you study for the exam, I’d say there are more efficient ways to study – like doing labce questions.

      • Sue S says:

        I purchased the 97-question package couple months before my exam but didn’t get around to doing the tutorials til couple of weeks ago. Am in that limbo awaiting NYS MLS license, doing stuff around house, cleaning, so opened up the tutorials. I have to say that I am impressed with the quality and level of detail in those tutorials, even though none of them are all that long time wise. I was a very good MT student in school but stil am impressed by the tutorials. If anyone is planning to take ASCP cert exams and have time on their hands, but worry about quality of their own notes, tutorials are not a bad supplement. But I agree with you on the battle against dementia !! 🙂

      • wordsology says:

        Interesting perspective. I’ll defer to you because I respect your measured response and you clearly have more knowledge with regard to this 97-question package. For me – back to the battle against dementia! I’m reading “The Jungle” and currently in a state of horror…

  2. Bians says:

    Hi may i ask how can i reapply for ascp? And will i really send an application form after the 3 month eligibility?

  3. Samar elnour says:

    Hello every1 am preparing to have my blood bank specialist exam next week plz any last advices for me 😭😭😭

  4. Itchyboy says:

    Hi to the admin, I think it is also a good way to have our facebook group in order for us to collaborate more on topics or issues, while on the other hand, it is also a good way to promote wordsology blog links especially in detailed and more thorough explanation. Thanks 🙂

    • wordsology says:

      It’s a good idea. I will consider it. It’s just a bit much to manage for me at the moment – thus the hesitation. But thanks for the sugestion. I will consider it…as you may want to consider changing your wordpress handle “itchyboy” lol

  5. Zinnia says:

    I took the MLS exam last week and passed first try!!!! It was very nerve-wracking and so happy to finally get it over with. Thank you Sohail for sharing your knowledge with us and creating these helpful charts.

    Resources I used to study: this site, labCE, Harr, Polansky review cards, sketchymicro, bottom line approach (highly recommended!!!)

    Questions I remember:
    1) Transudate definition (is it purulent, high cellular WBC count, etc?)
    2) Urine color matching choose which one is correct ( I put port wine- porphyrin)
    3) Which is more significant found in urine (pH 8.0, +1 protein, bilirubin +)
    4) Know how to read immunodiffusion arcs (identity, partial, non-identity)
    5) If you see band at start of serum protein electrophoresis what should you do?
    A. report as abnormal
    B. perform immunodiffusion
    C. check to make sure it’s serum
    6) Low serum iron, low TIBC, normal ferritin? anemia of chronic disease
    7) beta-hCG
    8) picture of enterobius vermicularis egg- use cellophane tape
    9) Sensitivity vs specificity
    10) several metabolic/respiratory alkalosis and acidosis questions
    11) correlate RBC morphology with disease
    12) hyaline casts may be confused with? mucus, fats or crystals (I put mucus)
    13) semen analysis (abstinence, lubrication?)
    14) calcium ion electrode measures what?
    15) bronchiolitis in young children and immunocompromised- respiratory syncytial virus
    16) Diphtheria- use loeffler and tinsdale tellurite
    17) CD definition- antigenic determining characteristics
    18) 3-4 antibody panels
    19) cross- match unit calculation
    For example: How many units of group O RBC units should you phenotype, in order to fulfill the request for two cross-matched units?
    K negative 91%, Fya negative 37%
    STEP 1: 0.91 x 0.37 = 0.33
    STEP 2: Divide 1 by the number you calculated in first step 1/0.33 = 3
    Since you need to cross-match 2 units, need to pull 3×2 = 6 units
    20) triglyceride calculation ( cholesterol = LDL + HDL + VLDL) ***VLDL = TG/5
    21) tumor marker for colon cancer- CEA

  6. Jennifer Permaul says:

    Is the MLS the same as the MLT exam?

    • Sue S says:

      I took both (MLT 2 yrs ago, MLS in mid Oct 2016) and thought that MLT was much harder, probably because I didn’t know what to expect. MLS was easy. I think both tests cover same range of material, MLS will ask the same question a bit differently, like what should MT do next. Basic subject matter was the same

  7. Yang says:

    hello, i ‘ m going to take MLT exam , but i’m wonder which textbook and video i should choose or learn, i would like to watch some relevant video . Could u give me some advices?

    • wordsology says:

      Yang, I would suggest a search in the recalls sections for “MLT”. You will find some advice from test takers of the MLT exam, in their own words. Thanks

      • Bernadette says:

        Passed the ASCP MLS exam last week. I would like to thank Sohail website, it helped me a lot to pass the exam especially the micro diagrams and recalls, i got like 10 questions from the recalls. Here are the questions that I could remember: mycoplasma pneumoniae 2 weeks titer, RhIg 50 mL fmh what is the dosage? Howel jolly pic, diazo caffeine what is unconjugated and conjugated? 395 glucose, 4.2 K, what is the K after insulin if the glucose is 215? CLL which lymph T cells or B cells? Pagets syndrome pH 9.6, hdl- heparin manganese, which one should be deferred?-hct 37. Bartonella- cat scratch curved gram neg , enhance anaerobes- vitamin k and hemin, what reagent on fecal occult blood? – hydrogen peroxide, chronic myelogenous leukemia, compute coefficient variation which value is more accurate?-choose the lowest value, pic of aggregation test, cushing syndrome- increased cortisol, decreased acth, chronic anemia disease- increased iron, increased tibc, acetaminophen poisoning what to test? – I picked bun and creatinine, 40 ml per min creatinine clearance what is expected? – increased bun. Pt and ptt controls were abnormal qc repeated ptt was normal what will you do? – replace thromboplastin.identify Hep B profile if a person is pos on hep b core, hep b suface ab, hep b e ab, i picked past infection. I had a lot of bloodbank panels, lots of micro questions. I used Harr, lab ce, ciulla, polansky and the yellow book. Good luck to the future examinees:)

        Sent from my iPhone


  8. DoraDExplorer says:

    I passed my MLS yesterday thank you so much. This site was very informative. It helped me a lot. Thank you Sohail and to the other contributors.


    Hema (pictures)/STAINS: 8 items mostly pbs
    PBS: Burr cells-uremia
    What deficiency Teardrop cells? DNA

    Stomatocytes:liver disease

    Picture of trichuris trichiura

    8 questions either interpret or what should you do next….
    Anti a Anti b Weak D Rh control A cells B cells
    4+ 4+ 2+ 0 0 0

    Anti-A Anti-B A cell B cell
    4+ 4+ 2+ 2+

    • About Micrococcus- (100 ug) Furazolidone resistant
    • Favors growth of anaerobic gram negative bacilli- Vitamin K and hemin
    • Purpose of potassium permanganate in auramine rhodamine-quenching agent to enhance the color background
    • A positive culture of sputum was stained. Carbolfucshin was added, washed, decolorized and malachite blue was used as counter stain. Two entire field was scanned and no acid fast bacilli were found. The most probably reason is: Inadequate scanning of slide
    • A patient has “whooping cough”, what specimen?- Nasopharyngeal swab
    • RIST – Total IgE
    • Graph of the platelet aggregation expressed in % transmittance for ADP, collagen and epinephrine. Result was 0% transmittance ACE. abnormal ADP, Collagen, and Epinephrine)


    Positive (100) Negative (100)
    Method 1 50 100
    Method 2 60 88

    • Formula of sensitivity Sensitivity = (TP/TP+FN) 100%

    • Lewis Antibody – if Le and Se gene is inherited, one has Leb adsorbed unto RBC Le (a-b+)

    • Carbon dioxide ion selective electrode measure?pCO2
    • Metabolic acidosis

    • Result of lipase increased at Normal amylase (given reference value) saan daw associated ?

    Choices : acute AP, colon cancer, Duodenal obstruction etc.

    • Why is it that serum bilirubin is preferably measured than amniotic fluid?
    Choices: amniotic fluid exceeds linearity of the machine being used , amniotic fluid is more difficult to extract, amniotic fluid has different biological components
    • Characteristics of transudates at exudates
    The question was clear yellowish peritoneal fluid with results ofRBC,WBC(Lymphocytes 80%)Glucose,Lipase,Amylase,LDH,Potassium
    Choices: Viral transudate,Bacterial exudates etc etc etc (super detailed question and I don’t know the answer )
    • Hepatitis B marker
    • Urolbilinogen :Colorless product of bilirubin metabolism
    • HIV: repeat EIA
    • Storage of virus: Lyophilized
    • Sorage of CSF for culture
    • Niacin pos w/ picture M.TB
    • CML-diff count result
    • Group O isoagglutinins
    • Blood to be transfused to a GVHD pxmother to child -irradiated
    • Dss association pseudo pelger huet anomaly
    • Chronic heap-auto abs- anti smooth muscle
    • Picture of teardrop cells:myelofibrosis of the newborn
    • Partial D: structure protein altered
    • Delta Check:comparison of present data with previous result
    • Result increase potassium cause: tourniquet left for more than 10 mins
    • Phase contrast microscope : living cells,ustained spx
    • Diff morganella and providencia
    • Acinetobacter
    • Aeromnas
    • Differentiate mature and immature blood cells: chromatin clumping
    • Light hit, emit power: fluorometry
    • Cloudy urine: hematuria
    • Picture spherocytes:mild anemia
    • Low in serum iron, low tibc, normal ferritin:anemia of chronic disease
    • Homogenous pix: ssDNA
    • Electrophoresis protein
    • Thermistor
    • Half life
    • Encapsulated yeast seen in DM: C neoformans
    • Haptoglobin
    • Protein C and Protein S
    • Causes thrombosis:C3
    • S. aureus ferments: Mannitol
    • Heparin-Manganese
    • Specimen collection for uine
    • Sperm collected for 2 hous-repeat collection
    • Hgb electrophoresis
    • BB Pannel
    • Tap water bacilli- M. gordonae
    • Kleihauer Betke Disk
    • Ouchterlony

    Study materials: Checkpoint notes, BOC, Polansky and Harr LabCE(free quizzes), Ciulla ( high yield notes), for blood bank

    Study well but pray harder! Prayers can move mountains seas and skies. Be positive. God will grant the desires of your heart . GOOD Luck!

  9. poleentnc says:

    Which is harder? AMT or ASCP?

  10. arianna says:

    hello, does anyone in here knew or took a quiz from my exam is 1 week from now, any additional good reference will do. thanks

    • Hien nguyen says:

      I bought the Web then I loss my password. I try to contact many times but they did not reach me back. Then I try to bought 2 time . They charge in my credit card. But no sent the password for me. They were cheating on me

      • Kevin says:

        Hi Hien,
        We are sorry that you feel that way. Our records show that when you contacted us you did not include an email address, so we could not reach you. Also we see that you have logged in several times after sending that email, so we assume the problem was resolved. If you paid extra please email us and we will issue a refund. Thank you. Kevin

  11. Sue S says:

    Hi, I’ve been on this fine website before. Just got my NYS license, it took just a bit over a month from the exam itself. Now,I’d like some suggestions, advice, input while I apply for MLS positions in the NY metro area. My area of concern is that I’m an older student starting new career as MLS, just finished my Bachelors this past August. How have new MLS handled lab “bullies” (those with grandfathered MLS creds based on yrs of experience, territorial know-it-all types, grouches, etc)? I had job last yr in small private lab while in my final year of MLS classes full time – job was supposed to be part time evenings but lab owner/supervisor wanted me training full time in mornings before & after classes, had me full time for weeks, didn’t supervise me much after a couple of weeks,then the long time MLTs began criticizing me quite a lot. Then I was let go as soon as the general 90 day period was up (when it was over a 90 day period not 90 actual business days) and they poached or found an experienced MLT from another lab to take my place. I dont want this to happen again. I tend to defer to lab policies, practices & experience, but I am actually very good at what I do according to all of my internships, also have been told I am far more knowledgeable about the profession, academics than I actually need to be. I do have a pathologist daughter & trauma nurse daughter, so have been interested in technical science. Thanks. Advice welcome.

    • Teresa says:

      How was the test to get your license? I’m thinking about relocating and I know some states require a license as well as a ASCP Cert.

  12. tanyakarya says:

    I just passed the ASCPi MLS last Nov 20,2016 on my first try, thank you so much for this website. the recalls and high yield notes were very useful. 🙂

  13. Teresa says:

    ???? I am currently in Texas and I plan on relocating to another state, maybe GA,SC, or VA within the next year. Do those states accept certification from Texas or will I have to take it again? Not sure what states take ASCP Certifications from Texas. Thanks.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Terresa, i have question,
      In Texas ,is compalsory to give state license exam too? Or only ok withAscp cert ?

      • Teresa says:

        Hey sorry for the super late reply, here in Houston all you need is your ASCP. I been on PLENTY of job interviews here at the hospitals. THEY NEED TECHS HERE ALSO. The tech field is booming here.

  14. nangatrad86 says:

    Hi.. i would like to ask… i hear people saying they just had their license for new york or california? Does that mean when i pass the mls test ill have to take nother exam for those states??

  15. bet says:

    Hi I just took my MLS exam and I pass, thanks s a lot for this site, for your charts and summaries it was all i needed. All the best and thank you for dedicating your time to help others….

  16. Arianna says:

    I don’t know what went wrong. I failed the exam today. My adoptive exam score in labCE is 68% at difficulty level 6.55 , I got to finish 3 books and I think I did 12k q&a all in all. But still I failed 😞 Anyway, can someone tell me the process in how to apply again? And how long will I have to wait?

    • stryfeno1 says:

      So sorry to hear that. I too failed the first time because I was underprepared. You have to wait until ASCP sent you your score to apply again. After they send you your score, you will have to schedule your test when your 3 months window ends.

      I see you did LabCE. I thought LabCE didn’t help me at all and I barely used it the second time around.

    • Sue S says:

      So sorry to hear you failed. Not sure of when or how to reapply. But perhaps if you post on here the questions that were on your exam, as many as you can recall, some of us who’ve taken it might be able to explain how you got them incorrect. Maybe we can uncover your thought processes and areas of weakness. Were any of the questions from this website’s recalls? Do reply, I am sure people reading this will be able to help you if you put some specifics down

      • Anna says:

        You can take the exam up to 5 times, don’t worry I failed 2X 😦 but you can click re-take exam or just re-apply like you did the first time

      • Arianna says:

        Thank you sue s, tom I’ll try to write down my recall. I’m really shocked of what had happened I really thought I passed. I feel realt sad. Almost 70% of my question came from microbiology 😭 Which is my weakness.

    • Sue S says:

      Do write your own recalls here plus your answers if you can, right or wrong. It’s the only way those of us who’ve taken exam can help without actually being in room with you. Then we might be able to figure out your thought processes and/or specific weaknesses. You took MLS or MLT? There is a small difference in how the questions are set up and worded. The areas of coverage for both I thought were the same as I took both

  17. Arianna says:

    Hi anna, I’m so sorry for you too. Lets do twice or even a lot more next time. I’ll to share something to. Jeremiah 29:11- “for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future”

  18. cruzsbae says:

    I passed the ASCPi MLS exam three days ago. This website is a blessing. Thank you so much, Sohail! 🙂 I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into all this. And to all the people who posted exam recalls and helpful tips, I thank you as well!
    Best of luck to everyone!

  19. unkown says:

    I am taking the ASCP Hematology test in a couple of months. Do you have any suggestion for a question and answer book?

  20. Mae Elizabeth Solabo says:

    thank you so much guys for all the recalls here and for the very helpful high yield notes Sohail! i took the test today and passed, thanks be to God most of all. 😊

  21. Nataly says:

    Sohail, I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous joy I feel right now because I just took the NY ASCP exam a few hours ago and when I saw the word “PASS” i almost had a seizure! Walking into the exam, I felt prepared enough thanks to your organized notes on all the major subjects!!!!!! And of course my effort in going over the Harr book, LabCe, class notes and YouTube videos for visuals. I had barely any micro questions 😦 barely any hematology questions and a ton of blood bank questions, mainly antibody discrepancies and “what should be done next” following a case. I feel like there were no surprises at all. Maybe I got stuck on 5 or so questions because I had not gone over bizarre stuff like knowing the wavelength of red and orange…. but anyways the recalls are GOLD! I wish I could have reviewed more blood bank but I had absolutely no antibody panels! I had mainly comprehensible questions in blood bank. Towards the end I started noticing that the question difficulty decreased to level 0 lol they asked obvious 1+1 = 2 questions. Sohail thank you wholeheartedly for this website! It means the world to me to earn the title: licensed laboratory technologist!

  22. Ahmed Khalil says:

    I really want to thank Sohail Ahmed for his Microbilogy notes, it is approximately 75% of what I need to be prepared for my exam. His microbilogy notes are gold. He desrves the best. Thanks Sohail, Good Blessings.

  23. RJ Baclagan says:

    I passed MLS (ASCPi) just recently (December 27, 2016) I found it hard because most of it covered Blood Banking and Microbiology. The charts in this site for Microbiology is the only reference that I’ve read and it’s really helpful. I didn’t sleep before the day of the exams (because damn I can’t! I really want to sleep but my mind is still awake) that’s why I’m so sleepy during the exams but thanks to this site and my prayers I’ve passed! Some of the questions I’ve encountered are also here so I just reposted it to compile in my experience. I just read BOC book and ELSEVIER’S, the recalls, a little bit of HARR and POLANSKY and LabCe free.

    Here are my recalls. credits (to the owners) to those questions that are already posted here:

    CDPA-1 how many days?
    Which Mycobaterium (pictured) incubated for weeks and exposed tolight become yellow? picture of Kansassi (yellow colonies)

    You received a nasopharyngal swab specimen for ROTAVIRUS, what to do? (I choose call for clarification of the request)

    Which org requires safety precaution? Choices: Aspergillus, Sporothrix schenckii

    Picture of Howell Jolly bodies

    Blood from newborn had high PT, high PTT and TT, bleeding from cord also…reason…is a) afibriginogemia b) lupus inhibitor c) factor 8 deficiency d) factor 10 deficiency

    FFP is thawed at 8am when is the expiration? Choices: 8pm, 8am etc..

    Speckled Pattern is for? Choices: RA, SLE etc..

    Question about what antibody causes HDFN when dad was O neg rr, and mom is A pos, R1R1…choices were antibody…. D, c, A, or B

    Every other parameter on CBC was ok, (MCV, RDW, RBC, PLT, WBC) failure on HGH is due to what…instrument malfunction, tourniquet too tight, wrong blood was tested….

    Lactic acid specimen has to handled how…..a) chilled and separated from cells b) heated c) room temp incubation d) request EDTA sample only

    Picture of Strongyloides stercolaris

    LDL computation

    Picture of Western Blot for HIV, read and interpret the results

    Series of results of HGB results for 5 consecutive days, results in Day 3 is high, the others are almost the same. What is the reason? Choices: machine malfunction, collected too early, specimen left standing too long..

    S. aureus ferments what? choices: mannitol, sucrose, lactose, fructose
    Protein electrophoresis in pH 8.6 what is close to cathode? Choices: albumin & alpha 1, gamma & beta, albumin & alpha 2..

    A 70 year old man will donate, what will be the grounds of deferral given the following screening tests: BP 140/90, Pulse 70, Temp 37 degrees the other choice is HBG of 120 or 125 I forget..
    Donor will donate plasma. What will be the reason for deferring the donor; choices: Donor received penicillin(I think?) for last week, confirmed Hep B infection last year I forget the other choices..

    Pt and ptt controls were abnormal qc repeated ptt was normal what will you do? – replace thromboplastin or replace activator

    What process will you do for Weak D? choices: DAT, IAT, elution/adsorbtion etc..


    Picture of P. falciparum (identify)

    Biochemical tests identifying Shigella (IMVIC, motility etc)

    Question about immunodiffusion arcs: Ouchterlony (identity, partial, non-identity)

    First step in agglutination? Choices: flocculation, sensitization, lattice formation

    Graph of lag phase micro what are the IgG and IgM?

    Elizabethkingia meningoseptica – meningitis is premature NBs

    A result of CBC: increase WBC, the rest are normal. Platelets is 20. What is the blood picture? (choices ranged from the normal or abnormal status of the ff PT, PTT, Fibrinogen, D-Dimer)

    A picture of bone marrow smear. Is it normal or abnormal blood picture?

    A LOT of antibody identification, discrepancies and resolution (3-7 questions)

    2mL of blood was filled only for a 5 mL of anticoagulant tube; what would happen for results of apt? (decreased? Increased? Normal?)

    O positive man had a strong anti-e, he will be incompatible with what percent of what blood Rh type? (choices; it’s something like: 97% of O positive? 25% of A positive? I forgot the others)

    If the PT controls were okay and the aptt controls were okay, what do you do next? Choices were replace thrombin, replace activator, etc.

    What is the cv is the 80-100 mmol/L is within 2SDs (choices: 5.5% , 10%, 20%)

    What is the purpose of Protein C and S? (choices: act as natural anticoagulant, activates protein coagulants.. etc..)

    What bacteria will show positive and negative for the following. Bile esculin, 6.5na, Camp, bacitracin. (choices: S. pyogenes, S. agalactiae, Viridians, Enterococcus)

    Slight agglutination only on RPR test. What to do next? (choices: Repost as positive, re-calibrate and re-test, replaced new lot number, repeat testing using same kit)

    Effect of increased/decreased aldosterone on Na and K

    What’s wrong with this stain? blood smear shows pink buff on rbcs (choices: acid alcohol is too strong, carbolfuchsin is used instead of safranin etc.. I forgot the other choices)

    Know common markers for B and T lymphs (CD 19, 20/ CD 2,3,5,7, 4/8 mature

    Graph of 650 nm?

    What does ISE measures?

    How do you differentiate Yersinia enterocolitica vs Yersinia pestis? (I choose motility but not sure)

    What is the specific gravity of the 3mL urine diluted with 3mL H2O? Specific gravity is 1.024 before dilution. (choices: 1.024, 1.072, 1.048 etc..)

    How do you know if the plasma used for PT has been contaminated with heparin? (choices: test for PT, perform mixing studies.. etc.. I forgot the other choices)

    Memorize mnemonics for IMVICs, TSIs, H2S producers, Oxidase and Urease producing bacteria and others etc.

    aHCG – Pacreatic CA or testicular?

    Where does ALP is increased? (I choose the associated with bone disease; no Obj. Jaundice in the choices)

    Bernard Soulier syndrome – The question is long but the main differentiation that caught my eye is “giant platelets”. The rest of the choices are not in sync with the question. (No May-Hegglin in the choices so I choose Bernard S.)

    What does 5HIAA in urine mean? (choices: renal disease, carcinoid tumors etc..)

    Picture of Ascaris lubricoides ova (Identify)

    Given: HDL was 34, Trig was 400, and cholesterol was 235. LDL was directly tested and was 169. What to do next? (choices: repeat Trigly and recalculate LDL?, repeat Chole and recalculated LDL? Recollect after 12 hours of fasting Etc.. I forgot the other choices)

    A control blood smear was made that covered 60% of the slide. The red cells stained pink while white cells had their nuclei stain dark blue to light blue. The white cells were clustered at the tail end.
    A) Accept
    B) Reject – white cells clustered at tail
    C) Reject – Red cell color is incorrect

    Ran controls and PT was normal, PTT was abnormal. Replaced controls and got same results. What should you do next?
    A) Change out the Recombiplastin
    B) Change out the CaCl
    C) Rerun controls
    D) Run patient tests


  24. Tazeen says:

    I live in Copenhagen Denmark and going to take the MLS exam in 2 months. I don’t know how to do the preparation? so stressed! And congrats to all who passed the Exam 🙂

  25. Raquel says:

    Hi Wordsology, I’m planning to take the CLS exam and some people told me that this is a good website.
    Thanks for sharing 😊.

    Raquel G.

  26. Terri says:

    I just passed my MLS exam, and I just want to drop a huge huge THANK YOU to you and this website. I used this for my MLT, AMT, and MLS and managed to passed all. I don’t know how I can express my gratitude to you. Thank you so much again. I probably wouldn’t be able to focus on the important stuffs without your high yield notes and exam recalls. Wouldn’t be able to motivate myself without the passing strategy and all the positive comments. Thank you again.

    • wordsology says:

      I must thank YOU for providing me with such an effusively positive response. It is hearing of successes such as yours, that keeps me wanting to improve things. I am working on some things now, actually, and you gave me the impetus to speed it up. Thanks again and congratulations!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi, you took the AMT? How was that? I’m scheduled in 35 days to take it. Please help

      • Terri says:

        I think the questions were pretty simple if you study (the worst part about it is you need a 70% to pass). Unlike the ASCP, the questions don’t really change that much (I failed so I have to take it again). You have 100 questions with just general knowledge, and 20 (I think) questions about reasoning, they have a hemogram or urine results and you have several questions asking if it’s normal or if it’s not, what’s wrong with the patients, what’s should it have been, etc… I just did a lot of labce questions, and this website, and I think it works for me. Good luck.

  27. annu says:

    Does any one know of a good source like this website to prepare for the SBB (ASCP) exam?

  28. Lele says:

    To Sohail and all the wonderful people who took the time to share their experiences and recalls..thank you so much! I passed my MLS exam recently. No words can describe how grateful I am for this website. My advice for the future test takers: the day of the exam you should relax and watch a movie or have a dance party instead of reviewing. Also don’t forget to eat a proper meal and sugar up before the test! Best of luck to you all. You can do this!

  29. Queen says:

    Hi sohail, I am happy to come across this website,the testimonies of the people who have been on the site are so great. I am a graduate of MLS from outside of the United States. I graduated like 5years ago. I have not worked in the lab since then. Please I need your help if it is possible for you to give me guidelines starting from getting my transcript and where to send it and where to obtain the letter of authenticity(one of the ascp requirements), the materials, tutorials,website to use to study. Your advice will be highly appreciated.

    • wordsology says:

      See “Licensing” tab for transcript info and where to send. See the “Passing strategy” tab for study materials. The rest of this website is one massive tutorial. Browsing through my questions and high yield notes is a good start. I also highly recommend LabCE. Good luck.

      • Queen says:

        Saw the ‘passing strategy’ tab but didn’t see the ‘Licensing’ tab. Please any extra advice about the Licensing and how to obtain the letter of authenticity will be very great.

  30. Cheryl joy madrid says:

    Sohail can i ask help preparing for my ascpi Mls exam . Can you give methe best review materials? Thank you

  31. tazeen5 says:

    Hi Sohail I’ve just finished the chemistry and have started on Microbiology. I find Microbiology very difficult and the worst part is that I’ve forgotten most of it! Should I memorise all of it? I am using your technique for study (cards & Harr) and your notes. Is the MLS exam essential for the MLS License by Florida Health? I am taking this test just in case. As I told you I am from Copenhagen Denmark and it’s quite hard for me to study specially when I reach Microbiology 😓 I have also done my Credential Evaluation by WES and my degree is equal to a Bachelor’s degree is US. Can you please give me some tips on how to study Microbiology the right way. Without your help I feel like I am not going to pass the exam😨

    • wordsology says:

      You will certainly pass. It’s just a matter of studying with the correct strategy. Study micro by learning the micro charts I’ve posted. How? Get a stack of scrap paper. Draw out one chart when you wake up in the morning. Draw it out from your memory (no cheating!). When you’ve drawn as much as you can from memory, look up the chart on my website and see what you’re missing. Now learn those missing pieces. Draw it out again. Repeat this 4 times or until you feel hungry for breakfast. Try doing it again in the evening. You might have forgotten MOST of it but you will remember some of it. Repeat this process the next morning. In a few days, you’ll have it memorized. Now try learning another chart using the same technique. BUT KEEP DRAWING THE OTHERS CHARTS YOU’VE ALREADY MEMORIZED PREVIOUSLY. Like anything else, practice makes perfect so don’t STOP learning the charts you’ve already memorized. Teach the chart to a friend of yours, to your family member, or to your cat or dog. I’m a huge proponent of “learn one; do one; teach one”. Good luck. You’re really going to learn micro very rapidly but remember – make moves – every morning and evening do what you need to do.

      • Joy says:

        Thank you po. GODBLESS

      • tazeen5 says:

        Thank you so much Sohail 🙂 I am feeling much better now. I’ll draw your chart everyday until I’ve very memorised it! But there is a little problem! I work in day times and I have only evening to study 😨 I hope I’ll manage it. Do you really think if I’ll memorise the charts I am done in Micro?

  32. HM Corpsman says:

    Hello Sohali,
    Thanks for the website. I am taking the board in feb 2017. Got some studying done. I recently discovered ciulla comprehensive study book and now trying to match comprehensive exercises and i am doing poorly but doing good in labce. I have 3 weeks. Any words od advice?

    • wordsology says:

      Keep doing those questions in labce. Keep refereshing your memory with regard to the micro charts. February is approaching fast so you want to try doing 100 questions every day. Go over the right/wrong answers and learn from every mistake.

  33. Kacey says:

    Hi sohail. I had a question before about how to interpret western blot HIV. And a follow up question if it is positive,what would you do next? Any discussion about HIV? Thanks.

  34. Dennis Franton Camins says:

    THANKYOU SO MUCH SOHAIL AHMED FOR THIS SITE! Just recenttly passed the ascp exam!! I highly commend this site guys!! Kudos!! 👍🏻

  35. Kong It! says:

    Hi Sohail,

    Took the ASCPi MLS exam today and I passed. I want to use the opportunity to say thankyou for ur page. With recalls posted here I was able to formulate a plan of what areas to study and resources to use. Ill be posting recalls that i could remember so that I could help future takers.

  36. Mr. IT says:

    Passed the MLS ASCPi exam! I can say hat it was hard but with good studyin material and prayers, In shaa allah you will pass. I used the Polansky cards then the Betty theriot Book for refresher as it was 8 years ago since i took the national board exam for RMT in my country – Philippines. I highly advice you to avail of Labce and do at least 100 exam daily. Both the computer adaptive and the Review mode. Read the explanation at the end and take note of them. Identify subjects you are weak and concentrate more on them..for subjects you are good at, give a lesser time to them. Also, take notes of the recalls in this wordsology site.. try to memorize them, they might appear in your exam just like mine. They are worth of points! These could save you. Coagulations, Blood disorders, Leukemia and Mycology and Biochemicals identification are things that appeared in my exam.. The subjects im very weak at. They come on a situational format; like what will you do? What do you expect.. and so on..
    Here are my recalls..

    After ingesting moth balls what you see in PBS? Heinz Bodies
    AB Rh: POSITIVE patient has reaction on forward A 4+ and B 1+ Rh 4+. What will you report? I answered AB Rh +
    Gram negative cocci after a jaw surgey? Veilonella spp
    QC on BhCG has weak positive in QC + and negative on QC neg what will you release? Release as positive BhCG.
    MCV day 1: 78, MCV day 2: 77 MCV day 3: 76 MCV day 4: 62, what is the probable reason? Wrong patient.
    Which leukemia + for Philadelphia?
    High LAP score?
    Low LAP score?
    Smudge cells usually seen in? ALL
    A picture of alternaria fungus.
    A picture of Candida geothricum.
    Olive oil for. M.furfur
    calculate precision.
    Youre given a list of cv, which of them is best?
    Given lab results, which one is suggestive of Lactic acidosis?
    Calculate how many units of blood to be taken given the antibodies and their percentages.
    Calculate corrected WBC given the retics and WBC count. In this case the differential was only 50. Im not sure but what i did is: WBC Uncorrected x 50 / nucleated RBC x 50. I did the 100 the answere is not on d choices, but when i calculated using 50 as factor, the answer was on the choices.
    Study antibodies of HAV.
    RPR negative FTABS +? Release positive.
    Cryoprecipitate and FFP allowable time of use if Ref. temp is 4 degree celcius. Based on AABB standard.
    CK MB normal, Tn I is high? Myocardial infarct.
    First to increase in MI? Myoglobin.
    Study electrophoresis: Albumin, alpha 1, alpha2, beta, globulin.. Which is high given the disease, or the other way around.
    There was a fungal colony which is violet to purple in color on the plate. Im not sure, i chose Fusarium.
    Biochemicals of Salmonella typhimurium and Kleb. oxytoca
    I had one simple BB panel. it was positive for Anti-Fya and anti-E.
    Majority of lymphocytes. T Cells
    Premature new born was transfused? why? I answered to compensate to the loss blood becoz of frequent phlebotomy. Not sure though..
    Pheochromocytoma : Metanephrines
    coccaine metabolite? Benzoylecgonine..

    That’s all I could remmember.. Hope these will help.. I can say I have around 75% situational. I was shaking, I thought I wouldnt make it. Just relax.. If you arent sure chose B according to Robert Harr. If youre done, do not change answer. Some collegue of mine told me, changing answer makes a penalty like a point would be deducted to you.. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.. Good luck to future takers!
    Thanks Sohail Ahmed for this page.. Asalamu alaykum!

    Magsukul! Terimah kasi!

  37. Nevo says:

    Hello every1, this is a great website thank you so much Sohail for all your efforts, Does anyone know how i can watch sketchymicro videos for free . Thank you in advance

  38. DM says:

    I’m taking the exam next month by the way.

  39. sree says:

    hi worsology, i am planning to take ascpi CHEMISTRY ONLY
    can you please suggest me with book/site will be best other than wordsology
    because in all sites, all subjects are together

    thank u

  40. CONFUZZLED says:

    I have a question about interpreting graphs. Do you have any tips or perhaps a quick review of how to interpret graphs? For example, a graph with different absorbance for wavelengths and there are about 2 or 3 lines and it asks which value would you report out to avoid interference between the two lines?
    It shows different data points on the line graph.

  41. Clueless says:

    So, I failed my MLS BOC and had lots of questions over interpreting data and questions such as what test would you use for confirmation for a particular disease or viruses.
    What reference material would be best to use to study over information over that?

  42. Dominique says:

    Hello, Is this site good for MLT exams? I saw MLS, MT but not MLT

  43. wordsology says:

    I’m sorry. I don’t. I did not know what that was until I looked up the acronym.

  44. Alex says:

    I failed the MLS exam twice. I was closer to passing the second time but it still wasn’t enough and I got let go from my job because of it. Reading the comments on here gives me hope. I am taking the exam again in a month. I have been studying a lot of the Polanski cards, lab CE, and this website. This website is a great resource and I appreciate all of its useful information.

  45. Hey Sohail , thank you for your amazing website.
    I wanna know if I pass the ASCPi can I apply for NY or California license or not ?
    I’m under route 4 “5 years experience ”
    Thank you

    • wordsology says:

      Well I believe that would work for the NY State licence. I understand the California license is a whole different story but perhaps someone else has more to say about this?

  46. Terri James says:

    Hi, Sohail! I just passed my MLS/ASCP this past weekend, and some people have asked me for advice. After telling them that Wordsology was one of my most helpful sources, including the high-yield notes and study strategy, it occurred to me that I needed to give credit where credit was due. Thank you for this site! I’m not sure how you did it. When I walked out of the testing center, I could not have told you a single question I remembered from the exam, and I was sure I was failing the whole time I was taking it, so I don’t even know what I answered correctly. I did take your advice and put away my notes the day before, and would not look at them again no matter how tempted I was. I also did something that brings me peace before the exam, i.e., sitting by a river and watching the birds. Thank you again for taking the time to set up this site, and for the care in sharing it.

    • wordsology says:

      Congratulations Terri! That’s quite the idyllic, pastoral picture. Thank you for the kind words. It is each individual who does all the hard work in studying for the exam. Thank you for studying; passing and providing inspiration to others!

  47. Carolyn A. says:

    I am so happy that I was told about this website. I read the high yield notes and tips people offered for taking the exam…I PASSED my MLT exam today! I am so happy. The one tip that I read from this site that stuck to me and applied it was not go go back and change my answers. I did flag a lot of questions but after changing a couple of them I decided to leave them how I first answered them. Thank you, Sohail for providing this awesome website with great information!!

  48. enlightenme says:

    how to interpret western blot based on images of results?

  49. Zil says:

    Hello。Good evening Sohail. I cannot open.the newly apploaded abo discrepancies.😭😭

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