I recently took the ASCP exam in order to acquire a state license in laboratory science. I’ve written this for folks seeking advice on a passing strategy. If you’re experiencing difficulty understanding the material or are anxious about what the exam entails, i’d like to help.

Who this is for:
Different strategies work for different folks. Some can pass an exam in two weeks, while others may require more than one attempt. I wished to make this strategy comprehensive so I have written this for folks taking the exam with only a rudimentary understanding of laboratory science. You know what an antibody is, but the fella who kept interrupting the professor made it impossible for you to learn anything else. Maybe your Professor exhausted his/her own own knowledge by this point. Perhaps you crammed for every exam in school, learning nothing substantive in the process. You may even be taking the exam after being out of school for several years. Whatever your situation, I’d like you to understand that you will pass this exam, by following a few simple steps.

About the exam:
You need to score 400 points out of 1000 in order to pass. That’s all you need – 400. Easy questions are worth 10 points; moderately difficult ones are worth more; difficult ones can be worth up to 25 points. All you need is 400. How do you know if you’re ready to score 400 on the real exam? Referring to, if you can score 75% + on subject tests; 65% + on 100 question review mode; or 55% + on computer adaptive testing mode, then you have a good shot at passing the ASCP exam. I’ve heard mentioned that if you’re still getting very difficult questions around #80, the computer is essentially throwing high value questions at you, hoping you can guess correctly and bring your score up to 400. If you’re getting very easy questions repeatedly, then you’ve already passed and the computer just wants you to go away.

Survival Kit (for those who aren’t sure what to get):
This is the survival gear you need. It is essential and comprehensive. I wouldn’t take this exam without the following:
Polansky review cards (THE best resource) subscription – absolutely essential for questions and learning
Success in Clinical Laboratory Science (Ciulla) – to be used as your reference textbook
Clinical Lab Science Review (Harr) – for questions and learning

How much time do I need to study?
Very subjective. Depending on how hard you work on this, you will need more or less time to prepare. Two to three months is more than adequate if you have an extremely poor understanding of lab science.

Okay fine but what do I DO?!
Take a Labce practice test in 100 question test mode. Don’t look at any resources. Just finish it to see what score you would get. Randomly guess on everything if you need to. It’s Kewl – a blue legged squirrel would score 25% by random guessing so you’ll score around 25-35% if you learned the bare minimum in school. You may be worried about a horrendous score. Don’t be – trust me on this.

Separate your Polansky review cards by subject. Chemistry, Blood Bank, Hematology, Bacteriology and Urinalysis requires 95% of your attention because these subjects comprise 95% of your exam.

Open up the Harr Review book. Examine its organization. Each subject is subdivided further into subtopics (for example, Microbiology is divided into gram positive cocci; gram positive bacilli; anaerobes, enterobacteriaceae, etc). Your cards are organized in a similar manner. Notice that each ~50 question subtest in the review book corresponds to only a handful of review cards.

Each Harr question comes with an excellent explanation. If you don’t know a subject AT ALL, go through the entire individual set of questions for that subtopic – read each explanation – look up the pertinent facts in the few review cards you’re holding in your hands and mark it up. If it’s not there, then tell that fact to @!#*$ off because it’s not important. Do this for every question in that subtopic. By the end of that set of questions, you’ll have learned the entire subtopic and noted what you need to remember on your cards.

Do the above for every subtopic you have difficulties with. It took me 1-2 days per subtopic. Keep in mind that while there are many subtopics, only a few are important for the exam.

After you finish each subtopic (say you finish the enterobacteriacea questions in Harr), do a 50 question subject test in labce, corresponding to the subtopic you just completed (eg. do Bacteriology in labce if you finished enterobacteriacea in Harr: do Hematology in labce if you finished wbc disorders in Harr). Getting a poor score is okay. Most people score around 50%. But every question you get wrong is a new fact you’ve learned and underlined in your cards.

I attempted to do as many of the Labce questions as I could. A classmate did 100 every day – that’s phenomenal. Someone else did 300 every day – that’s wild. I did a thousand in total. Do as many as you can, and learn from every wrong answer. Highlight the facts you learn in your Polansky cards.

By the end of your study period, you’ll notice that only a certain percentage of your Polansky review cards are highlighted with facts you didn’t know. The more you know when you start studying, the less marked up your cards will be. Either way, it’s these highlighted facts that you need to review, ideally every few days.

Additional notes:
Don’t buy the BOC book. The explanations are not helpful. What’s the point of buying an inferior book with thousands of questions when you won’t even get to all the questions in the good review sources listed above (Labce and the book of questions from Harr)? The same goes for textbooks. You don’t need them for this exam.

In my opinion, class notes are utterly useless unless they’re diagrams or tables. Proper understanding requires that you create your own visual aids in between answering questions. Don’t waste time staring at monotonous text or reading the gibberish we tend to jot down in class. Those notes have a place and it rhymes with recycling bin.

Each day, try to recall all of the important information you learned that day. Some will also do this as part of a weekly group meet. I can’t stress enough how important it is to recall the information you’ve learned. If you understand something well and wait 2 weeks to think about it again, you’re liable to forget what you understood so well just a short while ago. Attempt to recall as you’re about to fall asleep every night and it will be fresh in your mind in the morning (an added bonus is that it may knock you out like a light). Therefore, review early in the morning, as well.

Picture the branches of bacteriological charts or certain key antigens in blood bank. If you can’t recall something, look it up immediately! Learning is all about layering knowledge. When you take the time to do several layers (learning, doing questions, drawing charts) your recall will be solid.

Use my high yield charts or make your own. But please know the relevant information!

Good luck!

874 Responses to PASSING STRATEGY

  1. Bev says:

    Do you have any recalls for haad exam for medtech?
    Or does anyone have haad recalls? Please do help me with this. 😦

    Email me at —

    Thanks in advance

  2. thuy says:

    where do you get the information about scoring system? is it true that each question worth at least 10 points?

  3. Ronnie says:

    Does anyone have any of these books in pdf format? PLEASE? it would be greatly appreciated.
    email me –

  4. Zahra says:

    I would thank you Suhail for this website because it gives the way to pass this exam. I did not review this website and I was so scary of the test. I prepared so good but I missed up and I failed by 4pionts, I got 396 and I need 400 to pass. So I repeated just go ahead and apply again like a 3 to 4 days after and they give to schedule sooner. So after a month I passed 534. So happy but major was this website so thank you so much Suhail. I do not know where you are from but your name sounds Arabic which means make things easy and you are perfectly doing it for many. Thanks again :))

  5. S.B. says:

    Hi, could someone give me advice and help calm my insanity??? I have just finished my MLS program and am studying for the BOC. I have been using Success, BOC study book, and LabCE. I really cant get anymore study materials because Im taking it in a week, so I’m trying to make do with what I have. My problem is, the LabCE tests ask a lot of questions that are either way more in depth than I feel I was taught, or they ask about concepts/topics/ect. that I simply didn’t cover in school….and it’s freaking me out! I did very well in school and am wondering how well the LabCE translates to the actual test? I’m getting passing scores on the adaptive (according to your criteria on here), but am having to learn about a lot of new organisms in Micro and random facts in the other areas. When I do the subject tests, they are more like what I learned in school…

    The exam recall on here looks more the level of difficulty that I am used to. Is LabCE just that much harder on the adaptive mode? Because it’s killing my confidence! Thanks in advance!

    • wordsology says:

      Some LabCE questions may be harder than others, similar to the exam which has easy and difficult questions. Don’t let it discourage you. The labce is not an exact copy of the real exam. I feel like the real exam may be easier, actually. LabCE may have multiple layers to each question, making it appear more difficult at times.

  6. Bessey says:

    I do believe that this website gives you a lot of info that are actually related to the content of the exam. Personally, I don’t spend time going through all the details in Micro. But by just memorizing high yield notes for Micro, I was able to score over 560 on the micro portion of my MLS exam.
    Thank you ,

  7. Bessey says:

    Yup. Very much so.

  8. Ali, Jay says:


    i am in need of study guide for this test. I have been out of school for since 2013 and military service and other obligations kept me out of obtaining the ASCP. I read through the comments and want to ask any of you for the Polansky review cards either PDF or AMAZON. I looked in google and found many types of this review cards and wanted to make sure i purchase the right one. One of my friends sent me a POLANSKY Q and A guide, and i don’t think thats the right one… so please, i just want to get the right materials before i start studying.
    thank you all

  9. Lina says:

    I take my MLT ASCP exam today and it says pass. This was my second time taking it, and it was hard and I had a lot of chemistry math, micro, and a lot of indices. Thanks to this website and the helpful charts, I pass, I studied the BOC, Labce, Harr and the notecards. Thank you again for everything, you are a lifesaver 😃😃😃😃😃😃.

  10. christine says:

    Hey Lina do you have any recalls???taking mine on saturday…

  11. Alex says:

    I took the exam yesterday after studying for 3 months and I failed it. I used LabCE, the Harr book, and this website. I was scoring about a 50% on the adaptive tests on LabCE, which I know isn’t quite high enough. I just bought the Polansky Cards, so I am going to study the way Sohail recommends with the Polansky Cards and Harr. I will also continue to study this website because it is a valuable resource and has helped me understand and memorize things very easily.

    • wordsology says:

      It sounds like you know what you need to do. It’s just a matter of using the correct studying strategy. I have full confidence that you’re going to pass this exam Alex

      • christine says:

        Hey I just passed my ascp mls having had my degree outside us it was a lot new things to learn but through your site I got an idea where to look and concentrate on May God bless you so much …I shall write any recalls once m home

      • Alex says:

        Thank you. You have no idea how good it feels for you to say that.

  12. Sharonda says:

    Just took the M(ASCP) exam yesterday for the first time and passed. Thank you for the helpful hints and wonderful exam passing strategy!

  13. Khushi says:

    I took a exams on Labce adaptive test. I got 52% . I am thinking to give ASCP exam after one week. I know 52% is quite low. Now I confused. Anybody knows 52% with average 6 is ok to pass the ASCP exam.

  14. mp584 says:

    Thought Experiment:

    If 10 points are given for a correct answer to the easiest tier of questions, and 400 is a passing score, could you purposefully answer every question wrong to push the difficulty level down to the lowest tier and then re-answer those easy questions in REVIEW MODE and pass?

    You would only need to correctly answer 40 of the now really easy 100 questions to reach the passing score. Theoretically, at least, this should work, right?

    • wordsology says:

      Hahaa!! That’s a fascinating thought. We’ll have to find out from whoever writes the algorithm. I’m Although…at some point (after purposefully getting all those questions wrong) you might be getting only very difficult questions from the machine in hopes that you’ll answer them correct.

  15. Hey so could you please summarize for me what would be the best way to study for the MLT test?
    and which would be the best guide book to buy?
    thanks a lot

    SORRY I DO NOT WANT TO BOTHER YOU with usual questions?
    would you suggest the same strategy and the same test books to take the asp MLT too?
    or being the MLT easier would you suggest to study differently?

    • wordsology says:

      Not a bother. This is a question that comes up because it is an important one. I think that same strategy would help. One book I might recommend would be the BOC question book. Personally, I did not like this book but it does tell you which questions have relevance to the MLS vs MLT exam so it can point you in the right direction with respect to what you ought to study and know.

  17. Marcos Suel R de Morais says:

    I took a test last may and I didn’t pass, the reason that for me its so hard because I got my degree out of USA, and its complicate to study without class here. Do you know if I can find a place where I can take classes about the MLS?

    • wordsology says:

      The classes for MLS are really entire year long courses. It’s something you CAN do but it’s not cheap. I know the one in Brooklyn costs about $20,000. I would instead recommend reading the Success book by Ciulla and doing questions from LabCE. If you have the time and money, you can just take the MLS course.

  18. Violeta says:

    Hello! I took the ASCP exam last month and failed. I really want to pass next time I take it. Which subscription should I get from I’ve been doing the free lab quiz but there’s the MLS/CLS comprehensive test ($95) and there’s the simulating exam ($70). I already have Harr. I’m trying to get the Polansky review cards. Thanks!

    • wordsology says:

      Go for comprehensive. Labce is something I CANNOT recommend enough. I used to do 100 question exams every day leading up to the real thing. Great endurance builder and excellent way to layer knowledge

  19. ajand264 says:

    I plan on taking my boards in April of 2017. I was able to find the 3rd edition of Harr for cheap at a second hand store. Do you think I will be okay with an older edition, or should I consider buying the newest edition?

  20. Marf says:

    Hii… Appreciate your effort. This is really helpful and Thanks a lot.

    I have already applied for ASCPi Chemistry Technologist and planning to take exam within few months. I am getting 70+% score on LabCE 100 test Module and I learning Polanksy card and Harr. Is that really enough to pass the exam?

    Do I have to learn text book like Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry .?

  21. LRobinson says:

    You are so AWESOME!! Thank you for your site, I have taken the exam yet, but I’m feeling more prepared and confident upon finding your site.

  22. Debby says:

    Oh Happy Day! I took my MLT ASCP exam and passed on the first try! Wordsology was a website I often visited to get as much insight of the exam as possible. I felt it was only right to tell my experience to help others.
    I gave myself 2.5 months to study. The study material I mainly worked off of was Bottom Line Approach and MediaLab (formally LabCE). I also used Success for certain topics I felt I needed more of an explanation. After reading, highlighting and answering the questions as the end of each section, I would complete a 100 question test (regular or an adaptive) on MediaLab. I would then review my results, taking notes based off the feedback. I took adaptive tests on a daily basis the closer I got to my test day, sometimes twice a day. For the adaptive exams, I was averaging 53% with a 5.6 difficulty. It felt frustrating and hopeless that I couldn’t get higher than that.
    The night before the exam, I made it a point to NOT REVIEW. Luckily for me that night was the Presidential election so I was deeply distracted. The day of my exam, to rid myself of the jitters, I had a Dance Party for one in my living room. Popped my headphones in and danced to calm myself down. Finally at the testing site, they scanned my palms and took my picture for security purposes. I was provided with a marker, paper, calculator, ear plugs and seated at a computer. While taking the exam I seriously thought I was going to fail. I felt my nerves were making my brain go blank. The questions towards the end of my exam didn’t seem harder, as others have said it did if they weren’t doing so well. I managed to complete my exam within an hour. The exam allows you to review but I suggest you don’t (unless you flagged specific questions). You’ll only second guess yourself….stick with your gut. After all was said and done, I hit submit for the last time and “Presumptively PASS” appeared on the screen. I sat there for a minute to make sure it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. WooHoo!
    Unfortunately I cant recall any questions but regardless, the questions are completely randomized so I cant help either way. But I hope my story did help anyone out! Good Luck!

    • wordsology says:

      I’m going to post this under a new section inspired by you. I find it to be a wonderful review of the the exam – it felt like I was there in virtual reality. You are an excellent writer and I thank you for taking the time to tell us all of your experience.

      • Debby says:

        Such an honor! Thank you! I hope others that come across your website can take something away from my story.

  23. khparikh says:

    I came across to this site and it seems wonderful to me. I just appeared for the MLT ASCP exam for second time and couldn’t clear. I did LabCE , more than 1800 questions. Also review Harr book and polyansky cards.Please advice me how to prepare for this exam.

  24. LeeVille says:

    I came across your page and it is very helpful. I am taking my MLT ASCP exam this up coming December. I did the LabCE (the free one). I can’t affort to pay it by myself and because I just passed my Licensure examination and currently unemployed at the moment. Please advice me how to prepare for this exam and what are things I really need to focus more on.

  25. amanda says:

    What edition of the Polansky Cards would you recommend?

  26. i left a comment earlier but it didnt show up….but i was wondering what is the difference between medical laboratory science review and clinical laboratory science review by robert harr?

  27. Andrew says:

    So I bought the 4th edition medical laboratory science review… But it’s just questions…. Does the clinical laboratory science review give you like paragraphs to read about heme bloodbank micro Chem and its not just questions… Or is it the same thing?

  28. Tess says:

    Sohail! I cannot thank you enough for this website. This morning I took the ASCP MLS for the first time and PASSED! Thanks to your study recommendation to use Harr, Polansky, and LabCE, I was able to focus and pace my study/review. Thank you for taking the time to help other lab professionals!

  29. Melissa says:

    Hi I did my ASCP mlt exam in November 17,2016.I really appreciate all that you have put into website it was extremely helpful in devising a study plan for exam.Thankfully I passed on my first go with an 815.I thought I failed because I blanked out a couple of times..very nerve racking with the video surveillance cameras and the palm scanning.Anyhow I purchased the LABCE simulator as recommended ,I think of all the resources I used that was probably the best endurance builder as you mentioned in one post.The score I got more or less paralleled what I was getting on the practice adaptive testing.I am almost sure I saw some questions from LABCE or at least for close to it on the actual exam.The recalls were good also but I didn’t get any repeats from previous exams.Best of luck to all those attempting it.My next step is to go for the MT exam any thoughts on the online programs that allow you to do so?

  30. Amy says:

    So took the MLT BOC today and passed! THANK YOU for those micro high yield notes that saved me. I bought the BOC book, readit once and put it down. For almost 3 weeks I did at least 4 tests a day on Lab CE, and reviewed the notes. In my opinion, the test was easier than the Lab CE ones, my highest score being a 75%. Molarity questions were my downfall since that was math we didn’t focus on in school. I really didn’t think I was prepared since ALL I did was Lab CE. I really don’t consider myself a brain, but the test wasn’t impossibly hard. Read the whole question, don’t second guess. You have plenty of time, I just wish I had ear buds because the guy next to me made a lot of noise (I know, rude). I didn’t think I was failing the whole time like a lot of people who took it. Liver enzymes, anemias, MOLARITY, w/v, LDL calculation. Was pretty even with the amount of questions for each section. Thanks a million for this site. Only found out about it 4 days ago lol!

  31. annu says:

    Sohail, I can’t thank you enough for the this website. I followed the passing strategies, high yield notes were superb, reading material (Harr, Polasky, and Lab CE), and exam reacalls. They were all wonderful. I passed. Thank you all very much.

  32. annu says:

    Does any one know of a good source like this website to prepare for the SBB (ASCP) exam?

  33. Matt says:

    How did you use the Success book in your strategy? I see you recommended it as a needed resource, but I didn’t see how you used it.

    • wordsology says:

      Matthew – my general strategy for any exam is essentially doing questions and using books like “Success” as a reference for clarification. I find this book is also laid out very well for a BIG PICTURE viewpoint. Notice how well the author/editor arranged the TOPICS; Subtopics; bullet points. I see this book as reference book perfection.

  34. Jenny says:

    I’m studying now for the MLS ASCP exam via route 4! I’m currently AAB certified MT and have been working for 6 years but want to start traveling. AAB is limited on where you can work with it (only 11 states and I’m tired of Florida!). I think ASCP changed the rules after I graduated…route 1 was a BS in a “hard” science AND a Clinical Lab Sciences program…I have a BA in Anthropology and 2 AS (long story!). But now I can sit with the accumulation of my science credits and program completion plus work experience. Wishing I had taken ASCP the first time around!
    I love the advice you give here. I started using the Harr book but found I much prefer Clinical Lab Science Review by Jarrea and the Polansky cards. I used the Jarrea review for AAB and it worked well. I’m mainly focusing on refreshing for Micro. I’m a Generalist and only have processing/Molecular testing experience. Plus I just barely passed Micro for AAB.
    Do you not like the Jarrea book? I find the Harr book a bit boring and non descriptive. I’m very curious to see the main difference between AAB and ASCP, other than test length.
    Thanks for all the advice! Good read. 🙂

  35. Stephanie Revilla says:

    I am so glad that I found this site. I am a foreign graduate and I graduated 25 years ago (yikes!). I am planning on reviewing for the test soon.
    I currently live in Mountain View, CA. I do better studying when I belong to a study group.
    Do any of you live close to Mountain View, CA and interested in forming a review group?
    If so, please email me at
    I would like to thank the facilitator of this website.
    I will throw a big party if I pass the exam and you are all invited (seriously).

  36. Izabela Barros says:

    Hey there! my names is Izabela, i’m from Brazil. I finished my graduate in 2010, worked in Brazil for 5 years before I moved here, I took the exam last week and I failed. In Brazil we don’t study blood bank like here, I never see those panels before..OMG, I studied for 4 months by the GREEN BOOK (honestly, it’s doesn’t help me) and with the LabCe. I didn’t know about this others materials….thank you for sharing this informations…I already got the cards and I’ll see each recalls…!
    Now I didn’t know if I’ll wait more than 3 moths to get it again…what do you suggest me please:
    Thank you!

    • wordsology says:

      I am sorry to hear that. My suggestion for the panels is to just go through the slide tutorial on my website under ‘blood bank’. The panels on the exam are not difficult. They are short panels and they are without complications. Just try to go through the slide presentation and see how you feel about it afterwards.

  37. Kuki says:

    Hello Sohail,
    Just took my ASCP MLS and the preliminary report says passed! Of course a huge thanks to GOD!
    And after that, it’s YOU! I don’t know how to ever thank YOU enough and my fellow study mates from this group as well. God bless YOU for creating this website! As I am writing my gratitude to All of you, I am crying! I can’t hold it to myself!
    A little bit of my background: I graduated 5 years ago and have failed 2x. I got so cold feeted with this whole process that when I attempted my 3rd time, I just didn’t show up for the test. That was 5 years ago! I was never sure what was wrong with me! I felt like all these time I am studying, where is the outcome going? What happened to my 4 years of school knowledge? It fractured my confidence very badly. I got frustrated/ depressed and I was so ashamed to share this with anyone that I developed a tendency of hiding out from my classmates and friends! (as by now, i felt like i am the only one who didn’t pass)
    Just about a month or a little bit over a month ago, I got the courage back to try it one more time. I told myself if I don’t try, I will be haunted by it forever and I do not deserve it. I told myself that this time around I am going to try harder and with a more strategic approach instead of studying too much and not making a sense of it. That led me to come to your website. I followed your passing strategy, studied your high-yeild notes religiously, solved all the recall questions that everyone was kind enough to post, along with LABCE and “A bottom line approach” book!

    GOD bless you Sohail! and God bless each and every single person who has come here and contributed their time and effort in helping others!

  38. Stephanie Revilla says:


  39. drew says:

    hey i am kinda confused…there is the exam simulator for 70 get all the questions and what not….then i see the comprehensive for 95..which is what i see you talk about all the time on trying to help pass…my question is how does the comprehensive work?…does the comprehensive have a question and answer section? does the comprehensive also have an adaptive exam section?…i was on labce and i need to pass my mls, but it is not helping define what really goes into the comprehensive ce.

    • wordsology says:

      Get the $70 exam simulator in order to pass the exam. The $95 comprehensive package is for continuing education after you have already received your license. On a side note, “labce” is really just the brand name so I ought to have made that clear. Get the exam simulator on

      • drew says:

        thank you so much…I am an absolute horrible test taker
        how come other people are getting the $95 comprehensive one?
        I also have the note cards that I have been using and 4th harr book

  40. Ila Hsayiaj says:

    Is you choose one study material, what would it be..?
    I’m getting ready for this test but I’m unsure which one is the best.

  41. Crystal says:

    Hello, I took the ASCP-MLT on Friday (2nd time) and passed, in large part, due to your website! I am so grateful for your notes and inspiration. Thank you so much!!

  42. Syed Haider says:

    hello, i took the exam yesterday, and passed. I studied ciula and Polanski notes and took 10 simulator tests on labCE.

  43. Syed Haider says:

    thanks Sohail for your guidance and high yield notes, they were very helpful

  44. that’s great. does anyone know how easy is to get a job after the license without experience?

  45. Sohail…Could you give me some advice: What do you think it better: study each subject first or make a mix of all::::
    I`m confuse what is better to do…I was studying one subject per week..making a mix…but i don’t think it is helping me….

  46. peachy_mon says:

    Hi Sohail and fellow ASCP takers! 🙂 I am planning to take ASCP test. My problem is I am working, one full time and one per diem. I know that I need a lot of time to study, but my situation right now wont allow me to. Please kindly enlighten me. Please let me know that this still can be done. Thank you very much.

    • wordsology says:

      You don’t need ALOT of time to study. It’s absolutely possible to pass with a little bit of studying every morning and say a dozen questions in the evening. The important thing is to approach it systematically, subject by subject; and regularly review everything you’ve learned.

  47. drew says:

    question..i have been using the note cards,micro notes,labce,harr,and success. I am mainly focusing on micro just cause that is such a huge topic and mainly my biggest downfall. I have been doing the random question section in labce and doing 100 questions everytime…so far ive done roughly 7000 questions. I have gotten mainly 70 to 80% on every quiz. Now when i do the exam i get back down to the 50’s….so should i just stick with the exam or what?…basically just shot my confidence when i was doing awesome on the quizzes and doing poorly on the exams

  48. Wendy Parpart says:

    I thought the questions in Lab ce were a little more difficult than the test. Know your TSI reactions! I had a lot of questions on that and anaerobes.

  49. Jefflypuff says:

    Hello all! I do not remember any unique questions from the exam, but I must beg everyone to USE THE EXAM RECALLS. I spent one afternoon going through the recalls and saw 5+ word-for-word and 10+ similar topics/different phrasing.

    I cannot recommend enough to set aside an entire week to just go through the recalls, look up your own answers (this is important, many of the recalls have incorrect answers), and make flashchards for the ones you don’t know. I only got through 1/6 of the recalls on this site (it took 6+ hours… there are A LOT of recalls) and saw 15% of my exam. You can’t beat it.

    Again, I beg of you to set your last week of study time to reading the recalls.

    Also the micro charts (GPC, GPR, and ENTERO specifically). This cannot be overstated enough.

    Thanks for the site!

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