Folks often have difficulty memorizing  the various Hepatitis B serologic markers and their related clinical states. It is imperative that you understand this because it’s one of the most common serologic tests performed in the laboratory. You have undergone this testing if you’ve ever worked/volunteered/trained in a healthcare facility! The chance of coming across a question on the exam is very high. These are easy points.

Any lab science review book will explain the details. I only hope to make the memorization palatable. Look at the following diagram of Hepatitis B. It consists of a surface antigen, an envelope antigen, and a core antigen. Antibodies are formed against these various components at different times – either in the acute, recovery, or chronic phases of infection.

memorize this little square and you’ve already put some points in the bank!

16 Responses to Immunology

  1. tess says:

    Very informative! thank you so much!

  2. dominique says:

    You broke down the percentages of each portion of the exam. But how much Immunology is there? Should i really be going into deep detail?

  3. jamry says:

    hi am going to have an exam after one month can u give more details about immunology questions

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi, I always get CMV and EBV questions, what and where should i study for those type of questions?

  5. Ipassed says:

    I got picture of Ana pattern.. And it asked what kind is it: rim, speckle, or …ect

  6. lisa says:

    How can I differentiate bet different types of ANA through pictures?????? Bez it is so hard. Really i need ur help

  7. Amy says:

    What kind of complement pathway questions did you’ll get?

  8. Amy says:

    Check out this picture for ANA patterns on this medscape article. Pretty good explanation.

  9. A.jaan says:

    This was very helpful i spent so much time on this but u made it so easy with a simple box !
    can you please share more important tips in immunology. I m doing the questions from HARR but they seem so complicated. Do we need to know All that detail for immunology .

  10. liwa says:

    Hi! where can I find good review materials for ANA patterns? thanks

  11. kristen says:

    thank you! made my review easier

  12. Chi says:

    How does time work in the exam, do people get to have issue with time on the exam?

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