Study hard and use review and question books and you’re going to do great! Please don’t post exact question recalls here. It’s okay to indicate what types of questions you encountered and general knowledge that would be important for the exam.

184 Responses to EXAM RECALLS

  1. Dino C says:

    Hello folks,
    I passed the CLS ASCP tests yesterday Sep 10th, 2016. I had about 35 questions from this page.
    So as long as they dont change the questions you are covered. My questions continued to be tough to the end and according to some info that meant I was doing poorly and that created some stress before pushing the exit button but I passed so dont be discouraged if you are not getting easy questions toward the end. HPV, papiloma virus is done more for what? cervical cancer or genital warts, I answered warts. which malaria you dont see merrozoite? I answered Falciparum

    • Sammy samsam says:

      Do you have any tips for someone whose taking it next month? I am very nervous this will be my second time

    • Ali, Jay says:

      Congrats…Can you tell me what did you use to study?
      I am planning on taking this exam soon.. i am just really nervous
      thanks in advance,.

  2. preeti says:

    i have question if cant pass the ascp can u take amt exam. Does ny state accept the amt exam. WHat books are used for amt exam

  3. Mel says:

    Thank you guys for sharing those recalls, I’m taking my ASCP soon and feeling so nervous abt it,can someone also shares the correct answers for the questions? Thank you and God bless .

  4. tifa says:

    hi… anybody had the exam this month? I failed again today Sept. 29, 😔 Do you think exam changed every month? … But I will not give up until i pass the exam.. recalls in this site will help me a lot for sure.

    • wordsology says:

      The questions are drawn from a large bank of questions. They will likely be different each time. But you’re likely to get some questions from the Recalls. Keep trying.

  5. marizmt says:

    Thank you for sharing all these recalls. It’s very helpful.

  6. Gagan says:

    I passed my exam today on the first try. I just want to give thanks to this website and to everyone who took the time to put the recalls. I got about 50% questions from the recalls and most of them were from Blood bank. I studied from the Harr book(best resource), Polanski review cards, labce and also BOC book.

  7. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for the website!!! I passed the test after studying really hard for three weeks and I still can’t believe it! This one was my second time taking it and I focused in Hematology, Chemistry, Microbiology and Blood Bank. Thank you for all the content, it was really useful!
    I studied from Harr book and mostly the CD, Polanski review cards (great resource) and Concepts of Immunohematology of Kathy D. Blaney and Paula R. Howard (great book if you don’t know much about blood bank).

  8. Saro says:

    I just took my ASCP and passed on a first try. I cant thank the creator of this website enough. I used wordsolgy for study tips, exam strategy and high yield notes. I completed my rotation 5 months ago and so I am not as fresh on the material. I studied for two months: a couple of hours during the first month and about 4 hours a day the second month. The material I used: this website, bottom line approach ( specially tables, graphs, memory aid), the success book for areas that weren’t well covered in the bottom line book. I subscribed to LabCe and completed 5 adaptive exams scoring 52-55% average difficulty 5.5
    My thoughts on the exam: it was a fair exam, most of my questions were blood bank.

    Recalls/focus areas
    Blood bank: focused on discrepancy and DAT
    Micro/Mycology: high yield notes specially enterobacterace chart, I got about 9 questions from both areas
    Urinalysis: strip tests and discrepancy
    Chem/Immunology: memorize bilirubin (conjugated and unconjugated), urobiloinogen pre,hepatic and post hepatic results.

    • Jamaica says:

      I took my ASCPi exam and passed! Thank you wordsology for being one of the reasons why I did it!!!!!

      Days before exam focus on how to resolve discrepancies and panel.
      Read recalls here. A big help.
      I studied harr and polansky and my notes. The high yield notes here were a big help too.
      Thanks again, wordsology!

  9. Derrick says:

    I am wondering what the answer is to this one, i have it narrowed down to b or c, thanks in advance

    A beta-hemolytic, catalasa positive, gram-positive coccus is coagulase negative by the slide coagulase test. Which of the following es the most appropriate in identification of this organism?
    a. Report a coagulase-negative Staphylococcus
    b. Report a coagulase-negative Staphylococcus aureus
    c. Reconfirm the hemolytic reaction on a fresh 24-hour culture
    d. Do a tube coagulase test to confirm the slide test

  10. Derrick says:

    Im stumped on this one, does anyone know the answer to this?

    Purpose of caffeine in diazo reaction for bilirubin?
    remove bili bound to albumin
    precipitate other compound with negative inference
    ppt other compounds with positive interference
    increase reaction with unconjugated bili

  11. Halley says:

    I would like to take MLT Exam next year, can urecommend some learning materials,especially some study vedio to me plz? I don’t have enough time to reading,maybe watching teaching video may save my time and easy to learn.

  12. Sawsan Bouri says:

    Thank you very much for this helpful exam recalls.I ‘ll srart preparing for the exam and will keep in contact with the page

  13. Cherice says:

    the answer to your first question is d. do a tube coagulase test to confirm the slide test
    and for the second question the answer is to remove bilirubin bound to albumin.

  14. Cherice says:

    the answer for the first question is d do a coagulase tube test to confirm the slide test and for the second one to remove bilirubin bound to albumin

  15. mllerena2594@gmail.com says:

    I just too my test today. I passed! I studied 4 months for this test. After hearing many people from class saying that thetest was super hard and that they didnt pass I panicked. Maybe I overstudied but I don’t have the money or patience to study twice for the test. I have read every single thing on this forum and website. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you utilize this website to the fullest. Even if you don’t manage to study all of BOC HARR or Bottom line. This website and bottom line will have you covered. I am not sure that I can add anything else to what has already been stated by previous posts so I will attempt to make a useful contribution.

    Blood Bank:
    -Discrepancies, study them. A useful mnemonic device I used for ABO discrepancies was “EMMMA”:
    Extra antigen
    Missing antigen
    Mixed field
    Missign antibody
    Additional antibody

    – Lewis- secretors vs nonsecretors. Know everything about them
    – Make sense of who can and can’t donate and why
    -Weak D vs Partial D

    Bottom line has this section really well summarized. study that plus this site’s section and you should be set. BOC also helped.

    Blood bank was the heaviest area for me. If you have a hard time with antibodies use this video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvGC5M0ICCs it helped me alot on the test.

    Micro: This site’s charts. Period. Don’t even bother looking into your micro textbook, along with the recalls the charts summarize it all. Only thing extra is bottom line’s TSI reactions.

    Chem: A mnemonic I used was U C B U “yoU C(see) Bulls**t”
    U- unconjugated billirubin: Elevated in pre hepatic and post hepatic or billary obstruction
    C- conjugated billirubin: elevated in hepatic and post hepatic
    B- billirubin: elevated in hepatic and post hepatic
    U- urobillinogen: Elevated in pre-hep and hepatic. Decreased in billiary obstruction

    Heme: Know your PT APTT ranges and MIXING STUDIES! and lupus anticoagulant.

    Urinalysis: know your dipsticks like everyone else said
    Immunology: HIV, and ANAs

    Finally know basic laboratory procedures. MOST IMPORTANTLY however is that you are able to think critically. A lot of questions are not just based on pure facts, you have to think and act upon your knowledge. This is what would happen in real life, you will somtimes be caught in a situation where you know the theory but have to apply it in another situation. So, relax, breathe and make sure you spend your time on what you know. If you have no idea about a question, PICK B and move on! you could use that time and brain power on things that will require you to think based on knowledge you already have. All in all I used all of the resources: BOC, Lab CE, HARR, this site, Bottoms line, Success, and Polansky cards. If you study enough you should be just fine. If you are scoring between 60 and 70ish on lab CE thats a good indicator, but as alwasy stick to this website and bttom line. Good luck!

    • Vikki says:

      Where I find this mixing studies..pt aptly mixing studies.if u have any material for bottom line cam email some important questions. I’m taking exam in 2 weeks.. please email on vickisujasona7@gmail.com
      Thank you and God bless

  16. Juli H says:

    Thanks so much creator of this website. Passed on my first try on November 28 2016. All the advice and resources mention here are very helpful, you just have put in the time and effort to study the materials. I did not rush during the exam, i didnt want to flag any questions but i did make sure to check how much time i had left. Eliminate sure wrong answers and narrow your choices to the best of your abilities.

  17. maricel says:

    Thank you Sohail for creating this site..More blessings to come as you continue sharing your knowledge and experience. I just took my ASCP MLS today and passed!!! This wordsology site,LABCE,Quick review cards by polansky,BOC book and reviewer by Anna Ciulla are the books that tremendously helps me. 45 days of reviewing for 2 hours in morning and 2 hours in afternoon.

  18. Shiela says:

    I graduated a couple weeks ago and just passed my exam! I would like to take the time to thank Sohail, the owner of this blog! His high yield notes helped tremendously. I can’t thank you enough! Along with this site, I used LABCE –Did 100 questions a day mix with Adaptive Mode and Review Mode—Scoring about 51-55 % Adaptive—65-75% Review Mode; about 75%-80% subject tests. I also used bottom line approach book, Polansky. I thought I was going to fail as soon as I saw so many blood panels I had. Be positive and don’t second guess your answers! I only changed one answer.

  19. annu says:

    Thank you Sohail for creating this website. I cannot thank you enough. I took my MLS exam and I passed. Thank you every one for sharing your knowledge and experience. I used Harr question and answer book, polasky review cards and this website, The high yield notes were extremely helpful from every section. All the advice and resources mention here are very helpful, you just have put in the time and effort to study the materials. Time yourself as suggested by sohail…you should be at question # 25 at 30 minutes, #50 at 1 hour, # 100 at 2 hour…this helped me a lot.

  20. Cherice says:

    1. for question a the answer is A reason being it is not an Rhesus incompatibility it is an ABO. the father being O neg has both anti A and anti B while the mother being A pos has the anti B
    2. the answer is 97%
    3 repeat the negative HBsAGc

  21. Nina says:

    Pt 5 day differential result with Hgb slowly dropping, cause of result change (MCV went from 93-92 in 4 days to 72 on 5th day)?
    Developing iron def
    interference due to lipemic sample
    Sample from wrong pt

    would the answer to this one be Developing IDA? does the hub drop that quickly? the other choices don’t seem right…thanks

    • Li says:

      I would choose sample from wrong pt, b/c ~90 to 72 is a big change to Hgb during only 5 days.
      RBC count could drop dramatically because of bleeding or other blood loss, but Hgb changing would be a relative slow procedure.

  22. Rasha says:

    And abot the baby with positive glucose strip?

  23. Kuki says:

    I just took my MLS and preliminary report says passed. I have used LABCE ( which I was scoring 48% for the adaptive ones) (Not sure how I was stuck with that number all the time)(yes my score was 48% for all the tests I took)(For subjective, it was around 60-70%) Bottom line approach(this book is angelic), high yield notes from here.

    Gosh the exam was hard and I was pretty sure I failed. It was purely blood bank based; wanna say at least 60-70% Q from bb, no parasitology, no UA identification, some heme, some mycology, some bacteriology and some lab management (no specificity or sensitivity 😦 ; which i studied and understood). I couldn’t sleep yesterday and my body is shutting down now.

    Thanks everyone

  24. kaneulchan says:

    Passed my ASCP exam! I would like to thank Sohail for creating this amazing site, and to all the people who commented and shared their thoughts here. I highly recommend this site to everyone who will be taking their exams soon. I almost shouted at my testing room because i cannot contain my happiness after I saw the word PASS, all other sentences just went out of focus. Haha! Thank you so much, Sohail! 😊

    I also studied Ciulla book and took labce quiz games just for me to practice some questions. I highly recommend that you study the high yield notes created by Sohail especially the bacteriology and hemtology part. the tables and flow charts made it easy for me to familiarize the bacteria and also how to identify them. Big thanks to this site, really! 💞

  25. Violeta says:

    Hey guys! Took the exam yesterday for the second time and PASSED!!! Thank you Sohail for this website and thanks to everybody who took from their time and shared they’re recalls. Follow Sohail guideline of study and materials. I strongly recommend the high yield notes specially Micro, LabCE is a super useful tool, don’t be afraid or discourage of the adaptive simulation, at the beginning I was scoring between 50-60% by the last week before the ASCP exam I was scoring 75% up. Read and understand every explanation given even if you got it right.

    • yurisha says:

      thanks you so so much,
      I will be taking it next month, nervous

      • Violeta says:

        It’s super normal to be nervous my first time taking the exam was awful, I couuldn’t sleep, I had a migraine…It was terrible. Just keep calm, try to sleep the night before if it helps drink something natural to keep you calm. I drank orange blossom an hour before the exam and slept well thanks to the Benadryl 😂. If you get stuck in a question breathe, I didn’t flagged any question. I just wrote it in the pad. I really hope you pass the exam!!!! 😉

    • Violeta says:

      Keep reading the recalls. If you’re not subscribed with Labce you can do the free quiz game just to familiarize a bit with the exam. The day before only review the formulas and normal values, etc. Try to sleep, try. I had to drink a Benadryl to be able to sleep. 😂Remember you have to keep calm in order to have a clear head when you’re reading the questions. Take your time and try to answer the first questions correctly. In my second time I didn’t flagged any questions. I just wrote it in the pad that they provide and when I finished I review them but didn’t changed them, because I read that you get less points if you change them. So just in case. I really hope that you pass!!!! 😉

    • Ellie says:

      Was this for the MLT or CLS exam?

  26. Jackson Lalangan says:

    Phewww.. Passed today! Thanks to everyone in here who posted their recalls and to this website owner. I thought I would come back and give back a little bit. I think the bottom line approach helped alot. I would read that first and then practice with Harr cards, you can order that from amazon. Among my classmates, they generally think if you are getting 55% consistently on Labce and know all the questions in here you should be fine. Good luck to you guys!

  27. Reem says:

    Hello every one,
    took the ASCP last weekend and passed. i want to thank the creator of this website for his tremendous help and effort that you put into this website that helped me and many others.
    I studied for 4 month at home with the kids (so you can do it too). I studied from the Polanski flash cards, Harr book, labce and the high yield note on this website(highly recommended)

    • Lindsey O says:

      I’m taking my exam next Saturday.. I see that there are some recall questions posted on here from 2015 and earlier… are those older recalls still on the tests from 2017?
      sooo nervous for this test..

  28. wordsology says:

    Unfortunately, no…

  29. cufurov says:

    I just took my MLS exam and I passed. It was pretty hard. I have studied from BOR book first, and I went to textbooks to clarify, refresh and learn the subjects I was weak in.
    after al that I visited this website and focused on this recall questions. I felt ready to take the test, however a lot of important subjects that I focused on studied did not show up on the exam. On end of my test I did not want to review I just submitted and hoped for the best.

  30. cufurov says:

    This website is very helpful to guide us what to focus during preparation for certification exam. Thank you to creator of this website.

  31. vivian says:

    I am totally freaking out I did not pass the first time and now studying for the second time to take it soon. fingers crossed

  32. tao tao says:

    i just passed my ASCP so thank wordsology.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I just passed my MLT board, I studied for about a month (only 4 months out of school) I used LabCE (1800 questions in total) this site along with some Polansky and one day of Harr. Notes from my clin lab class right before the test

  34. Hannah says:

    Thank you very much to this website. The notes and recalls (most especially the very recent one posted at the very bottom) are very high yield. I just took the ASCP exam today and I passed! 🙂

  35. KM says:

    Hi everyone! I’m taking the MLS exam next month fresh out of school/rotations. I’ve been studying the high-yield notes, Harr, and Polansky as well as doing a minimum of 100 daily questions on LabCE. I’ve just started studying the exam recalls and they seem to be a lot harder than what I’ve been seeing on LabCE (maybe it’s just me). Can anyone comment on that?
    Thank you so much for this amazing website!

    • wordsology says:

      The recalls posted are often but a short suggestion of what the real question might have been. Additionally, it may just be that folks recall some of them because they are difficult and were read and reread a number of times. I think you’re following the correct strategy by going through Harr, looking at notes, and doing 100 questions per day. Address any deficiencies on the questions you get wrong and I have great confidence that you will pass handily.

  36. iamsherina says:

    Taking the test monday God willing

    Does anyone know the answer to these questions ?

    Series of results of HGB results for 5 consecutive days, results in Day 3 is high, the others are almost the same. What is the reason? Choices: machine malfunction, collected too early, specimen left standing too long..

    A dilution in a tube 1:20 and then you took 2 mL of the dilution and add 3 mL of water, if the result is 120 mg/dl, how many would be the original?

    60. 2ml of blood is collected in a .5ml citrate tube, how is affected the pt
    a. Decreases because of the inadequate ratio
    b. Increases because of the inadequate ratio
    c. Normal

  37. Li says:

    Q1: I’d chose C, specimen left standing too long.
    Q2: 600 mg/ml
    Q3: sorry I didn’t understand the question

  38. Sherin Abdel-aal says:

    Thank you so much for your help

  39. iamsherina says:

    Too everyone on this website and to the owner of this website. I am very thankful for all these recalls and high yield notes. It was the reason I passed the MLS exam. Thank you all

  40. luisamae120192 says:

    I am very thankful to the owner of this website. I passed my MLS exam last April 27, 2017.
    the notes and recalls were a big help in studying last two weeks before the exam. THANK YOU. GOOD LUCK FUTURE MLS EXAM TAKERS!!

  41. lead says:

    Hi Sohail I took the ASCP-MLS last may 16 and passed. Thank you for putting this website up.

  42. Jordan says:

    Thank you Sohail the owner wordsology, Thank you all friends whom posted the recalls in this website. I passed the MLS exam today, second try. I studied Harr review, A Bottom line approach, BOC. I used LabCE for quiz game. Very important high yield notes here. Now is my turn to help others.

    For Micro: I studied high yield notes micro here, then went through micro review section bacteria from Harr book. Don’t forget to study all micro recalls from here.

    For Blood Bank: I studied high yield notes from here. Then reviewed all section of BB from Harr. Some questions from BOC very helpful: 18, 20, 30, 175, 228, 231, 244, 246, 247, 248, 250, 252, 259, 272, 274, 283, 289, 293, 301, 306, 315.

    For Chemistry: I studied high yield notes from here. all recalls from here. and studied review section from a Bottom line approach.

    Hematology and coagulation: I studied high yield notes from here and review section from a Bottom line approach. All recalls from here.

    Urinalysis, BF, immunology: I studies high yield notes, recalls from here. Bottom line approach.

    I had a lots of BB questions in my exam today.

  43. Hi!!! I just want to say Thank you, I did on saturday MLS test and i did PASS it… Im so happy it was kind of hard because for me blood bank was my weakest and i got mostly ABO grouping discrepancies and Antibody screen probs, i had about 9 panels, some bacter,
    Thank you for this web site, it really helped me i read every single post and question.

  44. wordsology says:

    thanks for this!

  45. KM says:

    Hi everyone! I just took my ASCP MLS exam and passed on the first try! I can’t thank you enough for this incredible website and thank you so much to everyone who’s posted exam recalls here, they were immensely helpful! I will try to do my best to include what was on my test. I’m sorry this will be kind of all over the place but my brain is fried so I’m just going to add the questions as I remember them. I’ll add more later if I think of any others.
    I had a ton of hemo and coag questions and many blood bank questions. Pretty even on chem and micro. Also quite a few immuno questions.
    I didn’t have any blood bank panels except for one about Lewis and how they can be adsorbed from the serum. Really bummed because I’m great at BB panels. Oh well.
    TONS of questions on DATs with mom and baby. These were a bit confusing.
    I had a few ABO discrepancies.
    Lots of immuno questions.

    One thing I want to point out that really helped me was to correlate the TSI reactions with that giant Enterobacteriaceae flowchart (which I had memorized months ago but I was having a hard time memorizing the TSI reactions). The Enterobacteriaceae already ferment glucose so you know that they’ll all show an acid deep. The lactose fermenters (E. coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Citrobacter) will have acid slants because there’s lactose in that upper part of the tube so A/A. The nonlactose fermenters will show K/A because they only ferment glucose.

    Overall, I’d say to definitely take the time to go through the high yield notes. I finished my rotations about 6 weeks ago and got a job right away. I’ve spent every waking minute outside of work studying and I didn’t think the exam was that bad thanks to all of you awesome lovely helpful people and Sohail!!! Last thing, ever since I scheduled my exam date, I kept telling myself “I’m not going in there to take the test, I’m going in there to pass it.” I feel like this really boosted my confidence and made me less anxious on exam day. Not gonna lie, I crammed for the test up until the absolute last minute and I don’t regret it at all. Good luck everyone, stay positive! You can do this!!!

  46. Cherice says:

    congrats to you. can i get your flashcards you made KM my email.com is marriaf@yahoo.com

  47. Jess says:

    Thank you!🤓

  48. liwa says:

    hello sohail! can you put also the dates for the recalls so that we can keep track the latest ones, thanks

  49. Sarah says:

    I took my MLS(ASCP) last week and passed with a 512! Thank you so much for this website. I used this, the ASCP practice tests, and the Bottom Line Approach book. I will say, please don’t do what I did as far as taking the exam. I graduated in 2013 and have been too nervous to take it; I should have taken it much sooner because 4 years out of school is too long to remember details! (I have my MLT(ASCP) and have been a tech for 12 years thought so that helped some.)

    My exam was about 50% blood bank, for which I’m very grateful since that has been my only department for the last 9 years, 30% chemistry/urinalysis, 10% hematology, and 10% micro/mycology/parisitology.

    Good luck!

    • wordsology says:

      Excellent review. Thank you so much for helping others out. It’s great to see folks helping each other and giving pointers without asking for something in return. That’s what this website is all about. Congratulations to you and kudos!

      • Cheine_06 says:

        Will you pls send pointers and any help to my email ? I’m out of school for 10yrs now and I need all the help . Thanks

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