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  1. chang says:

    I did the exam 5 days ago for MLS. I didn’t make it. The questions are not that difficult but i made a mistakes of rushing trough the answers until i reached 100 questions to save as much time as i need so that i can go back and change the answers by reading it thoroughly in the flagged reviews question. I changed all the answers after finding out the correct choice. Computer Adaptive Testing is not my cup of tea. I thought i did every thing correct at last before i submitted.
    MY questions to all the folks here: Is it a disadvantage to give a test the way i did it? I know computers throws you more harder questions until you made a wrong answers. I choice a correct answers finally but i was pronounced failure in the test. I don’t understand. this systems. If I flagged the answers,is that a bad idea?

    • RICA says:

      I did the same, what i noticed is if you click the answer and then change it after you finish the 100 items, you may get the minimum point. so better to choose correctly and never go back

    • Skip says:

      I think that the harder questions are worth more points than the easier questions. Blowing through it like you did very likely gave you a lot of easy questions worth very little points. I think you should take your time, but not too much, to answer your questions. That way you get the harder questions worth more points.

    • Ash says:

      This was EXACTLY me when I took the ASCP 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best test taking strategy, as I was unsuccessful as well. I am currently using the passing strategy recommended by this site and am hoping for a better outcome. It is some what comforting to know someone else had the same thought process as me when taken the exam.

  2. Safa says:

    Hi wordsology,
    great website, can you please post the answers for these questions as soon as you can I will write my exam soon, thanks in advance

    • wordsology says:

      The answers are posted. Please check the menu bar.

      • Priscilla says:

        Thank you Wordsology! This site is amazing and very helpful. I am a current MLT student and preparing to take my program exit test and after graduating this May 2016, I am going to sit for the ASCP board. Do you recommend this site for MLT or just MLS? In addition to this site, I am using the cards, bottom line approach (yellow,purple) book, and Clinical Lab Science Review book by Ciulla. I am not sure what Harr book you are speaking of but will purchase it if you recommend it. I look forward to hearing your response. The “testing/exam” concept freaks me out but with, I am getting better at taking tests and thank you for your time and dedication to this site and helping future laboratorian’s out. You are awesome!

      • wordsology says:

        First, thank you for your kind words Priscilla. I made this site primarily for MLS. I understand that many of the materials for the MLS exam would cover the material for MLT exam, however. The Harr book is a question book for MLS – but again – questions covered in that book could also be useful for MLT. As to your specific question with regard to the MLT exam, I would actually recommend the BOC book. That book has TONS of questions and it’s one of the rare books to differentiate between questions applicable to the MLS exam, MLT exam, or both. The explanations in this book are flimsy, however, and that’s why I myself don’t like it. So the best, most applicable recommendation on my part would be to sign up for the LABCE website which has lots of really excellent questions which you can specifically gear towards the MLT, PLUS really excellent explanations to go with them.

  3. Armina says:

    I am preparing for ASCP MLS test
    Please can you post the answer for this questions ????
    Also my biology degree is not from the USA , so which book do you advice me to read in order to pass the test ???

    • wordsology says:

      Avast! Glance at the menu bar running horizontally across the top of ye page – and all ye questions be answered – arrrrr! (International Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t until Sep 19 but this question demanded an answer ONLY a Pirate could provide)

    • Spokanese says:

      If you look in the passing strategy section, he listed all the resources that will help you pass.
      Browse the this website, it’s filled with lots of great resources to help you prepare for the test.

  4. Pearly Cruz says:

    Can you please email me the answers…thanks

  5. Safa says:

    I just wrote my ASCP MLS exam and passed 🙂 I would like to thank wordsology for the great website I used the high yield notes and read all the good tips people advised on this website and things went ok. I used my notes from school plus labce plus polonsky quick review cards and these were enough to pass the test. Good luck to everyone studying you can do it !!

    • Alyssa says:

      Hi Safa! Congratulations! I would also like ask Labce, the material you used for review. I’m taking ASCP also this June. I hope you will help me. Thank you for your kindness!

      • Armina says:

        Hi congratulation
        But did you remember some of the questions please ??? Because my test is on the next month and i am so nervous

      • Armina says:

        Please can you post problems about blood group system Dce/Dce and how to solve it ??? Iam lost in this subject

      • Safa says:

        Thank you Alyssa, the material I used to study is my notes and lectures from school, they are hard copy and it is very big unfortunately will not be able to scan all of it and put it as a soft copy it is basically all I have been taught in school so you can imagine how much.
        As for LabCE, this is a subscription, you can log in and purchase a subscription and use it for a whole year. It is definitely worth it.
        Good luck on your exam !

    • Pam says:

      Is it free access for labce and Polonsky cards?

  6. Arinola says:

    Congratulations Safa, I’m so happy for you, please could you please share the soft copy of those materials you used to my mail,especially Polonsky and Labce.
    Also preparing for the exam too and I have less than 3 months to go please safe my soul.

    • jennifer says:

      hi safa , could you sent for me a solf copy all material for review, and labce, appreciates, thanks, my emai

      • Safa says:

        Thank you Arinola and Jennifer, the material I used to study is my notes and lectures from school, they are hard copy and it is very big unfortunately will not be able to scan all of it and put it as a soft copy it is basically all I have been taught in school so you can imagine how much.
        As for LabCE, this is a subscription, you can log in and purchase a subscription and use it for a whole year. It is definitely worth it.
        Polonosky cards, I purchased from amazon, they are more than 300 little sheets, it is impossible to scan it and put it online.
        These are not a must have but just the sources I chose to use and found helpful so I’m sharing what I used.
        Good luck on your exam !

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  8. areolar says:

    Please anybody in the house to give clue on how to solve problem related to something? like this? Upon administration of insulin, the glucose decreased, find the value of potassium (given values of insulin and glucose. I don’t know the sol’n,

  9. Safa says:

    Labece you have to buy a subscription it will last you a year to use & polonosky cards I bought them from amazon

  10. Octavia says:

    Would anybody recommend looking at the recalls, exam questions, etc for MLT? I’m seeing a lot more MLS than anything and I need all the help I can get since I’m going for MLT. Thanks in advance

  11. Jewel says:

    Does anyone know if the chemistry questions from the general mlt exam is similar to the ascp-c (chemistry) exam?

  12. RUFINA says:

    Hi , could you please guide me regarding the books i need to refer for ASCP MLSi EXAM

  13. Matty says:

    Hi everyone, I am new to this website, and I’m about to take MT ASCP in next couple months. I’m a full time worker. I read and see you mentioned Harr book and Polansky cards. Can I have the ISBN for both of the books? Thank you

  14. mar says:

    I need a good book and advise about how to study for MLSi.

  15. Gagay says:

    Hi Sohail! I learned about your website from a friend and this is really great. Why can’t I see the questions? Were they removed from here now?

  16. san says:

    hello, i just found about this website, I will be giving MLT in few months, i have clinical laboratory science review book, and i purchased ascp bloodbank app and other ascp app. will this be enough for me to prepare for the test.I am debating on buying labce stimulator, Is labce stimulator questions from ascp test ?

  17. Nelson says:

    I was looking into Jobs, and I was wondering, what the difference was between an MT 1 , 2 , 3 … ? Does anyone know?

  18. Dianne says:

    hi! i just got my eligibility mail to take the exam. is Labce really helpful? planning to sched my test in 3mos or less. looking for good guide questions. thanks

  19. Binu says:

    Hi I took exam almost 7 times couldn’t able to make it can you suggest me proper guidance I couldn’t able to even guess if some question I don’t know anything I need help ..thanks !!!

    • Dinh says:

      Does anyone know any similar website as for AMT certificate exam? Please let me know thank you so much.. I am gonna to take AMT exam next month.

  20. Azmy Elkassas says:

    How can I choose ASCP root ?
    what is more beneficial General / specific ?

  21. jenny lee says:

    hi to all! Im a non US resident but works here for a decade now . I’m planning to take ASCP coz I want to work in another state. Do I still need to submit my original transcript from outside US or just the one evaluated by an evaluation agency or both non us transcript or evaluated by agency. Thank you

  22. Whitney Murdock says:

    Hi, I took the exam in December and failed. I am retaking it in June and I am trying to see which subjects I need to improve but I don’t really understand how to interpret the subscores for each subject. How do you know if you did well or not?

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