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This website came to fruition in 2013 as I sat outside a testing center on 34th Street in NYC. I realized there weren’t any entirely free resources that covered the entirety of this certification. After completing my exam, I uploaded my strategy and notes – the very strategy and notes that helped me pass.

My parents moved from South Asia to NYC in the early 70’s so I was born and raised in Little Odessa/Brighton Beach, a Russian and Ukrainian neighborhood in Brooklyn.

the 80's

Mom and me and siblings

Although my genetic material is South Asian and i’m technically made in the USA, most of my friends and folks outside my home environment spoke Russian. This is pretty normal in the cultural milieu that makes up so much of Brooklyn. To this day, I fit in nowhere and everywhere – and that’s the way I like it.

I’m fluent in English and Urdu/Hindi and just a beginner with Spanish and Russian.

My favorite city is in Siberia. It’s called Novosibirsk. My favorite animals are my cat (Sophie) and a dog (Sif) who lives in Follafoss, Norway.

This page won’t help you with the ASCP exam, but now you know how people dressed in the 1970’s.

the 70's

Mom and Dad in the 70s

22 Responses to About Me

  1. nil says:

    🙂 You are informative and funny!

  2. Sarah Almutairi says:

    Where are you original from Sohail

  3. Angel says:

    it also means a star

  4. Queen says:

    You are making this process of certification easy for people like me INDEED.

  5. Jana says:

    Thank you Sir for all your efforts to create this site and your high yield notes. It made reviewing much easier. Bless you and all those who posted their recall questions! Thank you!!

  6. I am so nervous. I am doing fine when I was using Anna ciulla’s and robert harr’s study materiAls but when I tried boc online practice test I only got 42% correct. What should I do? My board is next week!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Hi Sohail. I have not taken the ASCP Test yet but I am sooooooooo impressed and touched by your effort to help a lot of people aspiring to be Clinical Laboratory Scientists. You are such a smart, wonderful, and very giving person.
    If you are ever in Northern California (San Francisco or Silicon Valley Area), it will really be such a pleasure to take you to lunch/ dinner.
    Please feel free to email me if you are in my area.
    Thank you soooooooo much again.
    I wish you the BEST of everything.

  8. Matthew says:

    Thank you!

  9. Amber says:

    I have a question regarding ANA testing. I had a lot of questions on this particular topic on my exam. Is there a good source to study by? Thanks!

  10. kim says:


  11. Nikky says:

    Thank you so much for the information on your website. I was wondering if someone preparing for the Canadian CSMLS exams would also benefit from this website. Are there additional resources one can use in preparing for the CSMLS exams? Many thanks!

    • wordsology says:

      I believe the content is similar. I tried looking for the actual content outline for CSMLS but it appears a bit general. I’ve also read online that the Canadian exam emphasizes application more than theory. This is all heresay, I’m sorry to say. Here’s some advice I found online from folks who have taken the exam…

      “Use any old practice guide- ASCP or CSMLS, and identify your weak points. Study those extra hard. For me, my weak points have always been microbiology biochemical reactions and certain chemical reactions for outdated chemistry methodologies.”
      “Well I found that the American exam (ascp) is heavier on the theory side but CSMLS is more on the application side. For example in histology, if your H&E stain looks a bit too red, what could be the possible cause? Or in microbiology, if you couldn’t see those beta hemolysis clearly (GAS), what should you do? You have to be able to answer these types of troubleshooting problems.”


  12. Dee J says:

    So I’m set to take the ASCP this coming weekend and although I feel prepared and still will continue to study until the day of I just wanted to seek advice consider my review. I’ve used labce for the passed month and my average is a 68% my concern tho is the questions I get correct compared to the difficulty of each exam. I usually get around 50-55 questions correct each exam and so far I’ve answered over 1300 questions with increasing difficulty each time my toughest being a 4.76. I guess my main concern is given the scale of the real exam would anyone have an idea of getting only half the questions correct still yield a passing score. Any feedback and encouragement is greatly appreciated! Love the website and thanks to everyone who’s contributed!

    Worried MT

  13. Pratixa says:

    I am going to do AMT(MLT) exam soon. can you please help me out by suggesting the right book for it? Also is it the same as ASCP exam or easier/harder? Can I also use these high yield notes for this exam? Thanks!

  14. Rebecca Simmons says:

    I printed a couple of pages from https://wordsology.org/high-yield-notes-2/microbiology/
    and high yield notes (for example blood bank) BUT, the print was so tiny I couldn’t read the materials. Help?!?!?!

  15. Kristina hsieh says:

    Would you recommend signing up for lab ce even if I’m only taking the microbiology exam?

  16. Crystal Moon says:

    I still cannot for the life of me understand how someone would be so kind to just give out information like this for free!!!! Especially in the modern world where you can make money off adds and such. You should atleast have a donate button!? You’ve literally put sooo much hard work into these notes and helped so many people. How can you do it for no cost at all?

  17. Fritzie says:

    Planning to take the BB Exam. Any tips?

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